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Important items and relics

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Important items and relics

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:01 pm

I'm sure some of you may have forgotten some of these items from the earlier seasons. This is a list of items that might be referenced in the rp by ocs and rpcs

Ring of Solaria: A special ring Stella used to transform. It also becomes a staff in combat too. The Trix once wanted it and in season 7, Shiny ate it.

Phantoblades and Phanto weapons: Weapons used by the Specialists come in several forms and sizes. Ranging from simple long swords, to hookblade and large bastard swords.

Codex: A power relic that Darkar wanted. The pieces of it were located in the main schools and Pixie village. He almost got it, but after he was stopped, it was lost.

Water Stars: A set of relics that were spawned at the same time as the Dragon Flame. These six items are opposite of the dragon flame and are capable of destroying it. They were in the Golden Kingdom.

Book of Destiny: A book located in the Library of the Roc on Domino. It contains the lives of the royal family and their futures

White Circle: A power source and weapon of the fairies of Earth. It was used to free the Earth fairies as well.

Black Circle: A fear some weapons of the wizards, that was used to destroy the Earth fairies. Nabu stopped its effects at the cost of his life.

Sirenix Book: A book that is used to start the Sirenix quest, once one has found the creature of the rainbow mantel.

Sirenix Boxes: These boxes are given at the start Sirenix quest and the guardians are able to give clues and hints. Later, they give out wishes to those that please destiny.

Paladin's Magic Weapons: Weapons used by Paladins and Specialists that use the power of nature to fight. They range from sabers, normal swords, staffs, hammers, spears and more.

Legendarium and the key: The Legendarium allows one to bring legends to life if they read the book. It can also trap others as well if legend is in contact with someone or something. The key is the only way to close the book, but requires two items to create it.

Mythix Wands: Housed in Tir Non Og, these wands only respond to those they deem worthy. It allows that person/persons access to the Legendarium world.

Infinity box: A box that can hold anything, including a villain.

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