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Pixies, Elves and More

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Pixies, Elves and More

Post by zerowing21 on Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:27 pm

(In process of writing)

Ah the creatures that live in the magix dimension on Magix and other places that aren't Fairies, Specialists, Wizards, Witches or other. Users will be able to create (Palladium like elves, pixies, evil elves, Merfairies, Mermaids and maybe ogres) and have those that can be linked to characters as companions, (pixies, elves, Selkies, fairy animals, fairy pets, Crytpid like creatures and normal run of the mill pets.)

Pixies: These creature live in pixie village in the forest of magix. They are born from the flower of life in the center of town and their power flows from a special tree powered by rainbows. When a pixie finds their special talent they earn a magic pop, giving them a transformation and a power boost. They do however bond with fairies and other magical beings and give them a small power boost

Undines: Small water like creatures that live in the black mud swamp on Magix. They're rather small, but are able to travel to Alfea and the other schools. Haven't been seen since at least season 2.

Elves (pixie counterpart): These are flightless evil creatures that live in pixie village and hate the pixies. They're greedy, rude and down right mischievous. They tend to bond with witches and those who are evil.

Elves (Palladium's species) While Palladium is the only elf we've seen, they seem to have some very powerful magic.

Selkies: Under water creatures that can bond with fairies and they guard the ocean gates.

Gnomes: Greedy, money grubbing business creatures that live in pixie village. If they see money in it they will exploit or run it, just like the bank.

Mermaids: Mermaids live in various planets in the ocean and have their own kingdoms. The most well known is the one on Andros that Aisha's uncle rules. They have the ability to change into a human form on land, but choice not to do so. Some even have been seen to have wings on their backs.

Fairy Animals: Various animals species that live across the magic dimension. They range from unicorns to flying squirrels and maybe the occasional moose like creature.

Ogres: Most of these creatures are evil and aren't too smart. Powerful witches use them as minions, but there are some that aren't bad. One even works as a janitor at Alfea.

Fairy Pets: These creatures were once animate toys that the various powerful fairies brought to life. They are mostly seen on Earth in Gardenia and probably in other locations.

Pixie Animals: Pixie like animals that have limited magic. Ron the cat is the best example of them.

Cryptid like animals: Creatures that aren't classified as any of the above, but seem to be intelligent and have some limited magical powers. *idea is credited to a friend*

Dragons: These creatures live on Pyros and other places. They come in many shapes and forms and have weaknesses that can be exploited. Specialists have stables for them and ride/train one species of them. These can not be companions while a specialist is still in school.

Trolls: These are larger and stronger than Ogres and not much is known of them. The most famous are tracking Trolls, which well track. Can not be companions.

Downlanders: Last seen in season 2, these four armed people live in the dark caves near Darkar's fortress. Their princess is rather fickle and almost married Brandon. They seem to eat crystals too.

Merfairies: These creatures are mermaids, who have at least one blood relative who was a fairy in the present or in the recent past. They can attain a fairy form just like normal fairies, but functions differently depends on if they are on land or in water. When on land, the merfairy's tail change into legs, but will change back if splashed by water (or other liquids) but chlorinate water will hurt them, (or other harmful liquids, even diluted ones).

Pixie Mermaids: These creatures have slight resemblance to selkies, but better to Pixies. From the waist up, they'd look like most pixies (except for their seashell attire,) but below it they have tails just like mermaids or selkies. They appeared at the end of Pop Pixie. ~Credit goes to Ella for this entry.

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