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Rose Petal

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Rose Petal

Post by musasgal on Mon Nov 21, 2016 6:32 am

Name: Rose Petal
Age: 25
Gender: female
Planet of origin: Linpheian
Magic Person type: Guardian Fairy of Linphea - or of the Guardian Fairies anyway
Current form: Enchantix
Morality and personal alignment leanings: Neural
Power type: Art

Spells: Paint Splatter: By having a giant paintbrush appearing in front, Rose can twirl it around and aimed it at a target. Paint blobs can be fired at the target. This is the only basic attack that carries over from her basic fairy form. Level: Low

Rope Lasso: Though it sounds like a cowboy move, but to Rose, it’s a piece of art equipment. She uses this to tie up her enemies to make them to stay into one spot. Lasts for 20-30 seconds with a slim chance of a second perk of an extra 10 seconds. Level: Low

Paintball Blitz: Rose summons balls of paint and flings them in increasing amounts of speed. The damage is equal to paintball gun bullets. The foe slows down for about 10-20 seconds, with a good chance of bruising, Level: Low

Acrylic Armageddon‏: Rose summons an acrylic that's fired at an enemy to cause a good amount of damage. Level:‏ Medium

Pen wall‏: A shield shaped like a pen appears and blocks almost any attack. Lasts for at least 6 good blows. Level: Medium

Erase Whack: Two large random shaped shape architect erasers slam together to sandwich a person like symbols. This causes a moderate damaging impact to the body. Level: Medium

Chalk Typhoon: A swirl of chalk is formed and turned into chalk dust. Then she let it loose at the enemy, causing he or she to be lifted off and become blind temporarily. Deals a great deal of damage. Level: High.

Paint pallet stream: By using her giant brush, and using all the colours on her pallet, Rose focuses the stream of paint into a beam that damages and splatters the enemy. Level: High

Strengths: Volleyball (as a sport, not as a subject or hobby) which makes her agile and the ability to in tune to people’s emotions and can more easily connect emotionally with them (thanks zero!). Plus being around natural mediums i.e clay will give her a 15% power boost in battle.

Weaknesses: Allergic to bee stings, insomnia from working on her pieces late at night, which results her to be tired during battle occasionally. She also has anxiety, which on occasion, makes her panic at battles.

Personality: She is a cheerful young lass with an attitude to boot. Though she is loud, it covers up the fact that she has anxiety. This causes her to become panicky when she is in in new places or around new people, sometimes causing anxiety attacks. She is also loyal to others and be there when need be. She is also really observant in her surroundings if needs be. She tends to bite more than what she could chew and usually do things at the last minute. Rose is also forgetful at times, which is not helpful filling orders or doing a commission. She is humble when someone gives a complement of any kind, though she is a bit of a perfectionist.

History: Rose was born to a middle class family. Her mother was a florist, her father working for the local paper. Her aunt Alyssa is a potions expert, and her uncle Rhodos is the local vet. She did what a little girl does in her home: play with the flowers, go for walks through the garden and ride huge ladybirds in the air with her cousins Flora (who is two years younger than Rose) and Miele. Just an average family, working to make ends meet. However, when she ended up going to school, she discovered paints, pastels and charcoal. Through that, she fell in love with the visual arts.

When she turned 10, she was painting one day. How she unlocked her powers was one of the oddest things ever. She sneezed, and a brush appeared. She took hold and began to spin it around for fun. That ended up having spatters of paint all over the place, including herself. Though she got in trouble, her parents were worried about their little princess (which is a figure of speech). So they saved their pennies to get her a private tutor to control her powers. Then later, to the Lympheia Flying School. It was odd to have an art fairy at a place for nature fairies, but they didn’t mind. Later, she would be joined by her cousin Flora at the school and would try and maintain a close friendship until she left to attend Alfea

While looking at random places to live when she was old enough, she came across Alfea. She talked to her parents about it and they decided to put her in when she was old enough. Finally, that day arrived when Rose turned 16 where she moved to Alfea. It wasn’t long till she began to become a Straight A student. However, she struggles to get her homework on time and does it on the last minute so that balanced that out quite nicely. Rose loves working on her art projects in her spare time. Though she didn’t gain Charmix (and she ended up going home to do correspondence for her third year since she was needed back home to work at her mother’s store and doing some comic strips for dad’s work), she was able to gain her Enchantix. And here’s how. Her dad was doing a story about the local gang circuit, but they found out and kidnapped him. Following the location in the ransom note that was left behind, to an old factory building. In her fairy form, Rose was able to find her father unharmed. She tried to snuck in, but she got caught. After a long fight, one of the thugs ran towards her father. Rose noticed it and ran towards him. Though most criteria doesn’t show that you have to show blood, however, that’s what happened to Rose. She dived in front of her father and ended up getting slashed on her stomach to protect him from getting killed. The thugs thought that they killed her because she used her body as a shield and she dropped down like a brick, but in that few moments, she got to her feet and her form changed, earning her Enchantix. Using one of her new attacks, she rounded them up and tied them together by a rope. By the time the Police was there, the girl fainted because of the loss of blood since she was still bleeding from the cut. She was transmitted to hospital, which she stayed till graduation.

After the Trix’s first failed attempt of taking over the Magix Dimension she gained her Mark of Harmony in a private Ceremony, becoming one of the Guardian Fairies of her home. Though she likes her responsibilities, she still wanted to work on her main passion. She started working as an Art Supplier at a local store. Two years later, she was overjoyed to hear Flora graduated and also became a Guardian Fairy. Now she owns a store of her own in Magix, giving art lessons, selling art supplies and also having her own art studio for her own art pieces and to display the finished pieces.

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Re: Rose Petal

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:42 pm

So far she looks good. Once there is a second look over of the spells, I'll give the approval.

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Re: Rose Petal

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:27 pm

*Stamps approved on forehead*

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Re: Rose Petal

Post by trusttecna on Mon Feb 13, 2017 8:31 pm

I don't understand why working on her pieces late at night would give her insomnia. Wouldn't she be more tired if she works late? If you mean that when she's falling asleep she get's caught up in thinking about her art or job of working on art, then I understand. Or if you mean she works late and she gets up late and it becomes a habit. I just feel like it needs clarification.

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Re: Rose Petal

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