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Mary Sue/Stu

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Mary Sue/Stu

Post by zerowing21 on Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:34 am

What is a sue? No it's not a woman named sue, it's not suing someone in a legal matter either. A sue is a character that is utterly perfect, gets everything they want with out having to really work for anything and has no flaws what so ever. These characters can make anything happen and in the worse case can make people change who they are, make a villain just step aside and have people praise them to no end to become what is known as a black hole sue. They avoid damage like it's a plague and they can take on something that normally takes more people. Their actions are never called out if they did something wrong and others will get the blame. These characters just sap the fun from rps and drive people nuts.

For our first example: Say Character A was an intelligent princess who was quite active- now I shan't deny that you can have all-rounders as opposed to specialists but if at every obstacle thrown at this character they can fall back on an ability to analyses the villain's behavior or can memories an entire city while trying to outrun someone or use a sports skill to take down the hero time after time, you should take a second look at your character. Decide what type of intelligence they have: would you rather have them with you for a quiz team or to show you the ins and outs of the city? Give them parts of their skills they need to work on- even people who practice for years still have skills they need to enhance. It's okay for your character to fail, that's a part of them growing. If your character has never tasted failure before, you may want to wonder whether they fall into the mary sue category. (Credit to Varda)

Combat Wise, a sue dodges all blows, is hit, but has not a scratch and ignores effects. There is no way someone blasted with magic would be able to dodge everything nor take direct attacks with no damage. People are going to get hurt in combat. If man B throws a dagger at man a who is slow, man A is going to be hurt in some way, they can not just have it bounce off him.

Within the winx series, there have been several times, where Bloom has gone on alone to fight someone. Valtor being one of them at the end of season 3 and the Trix at the end of season 6. She shouldn't have been able to beat Valtor solo, even if she has the dragon flame and is in an incomplete Enchantix, she shouldn't be able to do it due to the power gap between her and Valtor that has been present for most of the season. Sure it is possible to be a more powerful using different methods, but Bloom went full attack assault. The same could be said with season six, she beat the Trix because of the power of friendship and used a spell that had a totally different effect when first seen. You can't beat superior foes alone, if you use the same methods they are. If it was a one on one fight between her and Icy at equal power, then yes she could fight and win, but against three of them, winning is kind of impossible.

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