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OC/Canon Character Relationships.

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OC/Canon Character Relationships.

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Jan 03, 2017 2:53 pm

In the rp, we will allow relationships between OCs and canon characters, but there are a few ground rules that must be set this. One warning will be given to users to fix the violation they broke. If said violation is not fixed, the relationship will be disbanded.

1) The OCs and said Canon Character can not spend all their time together. They must be shown apart while on screen to prevent intertwining and to continue with growth of both characters and to allow other OCs to interact with said character. Off screen time apart is not acceptable since it does not count.

2) Any relationship and how it begins has to be believable. So properly building up the relationship is key. No just throwing the oc and canon character together in the heat of the moment. Have them get to know each other before they move to the next step.

3) If a relationship is deemed toxic to canon and the canon character the mod staff has the right to disband the relationship upon closer evaluation of the situation.

4) Any indication of possessiveness of said canon character will mean disbanding of the relationship and a total ban of said user being able to date any other character characters.

*Credit to Hyfnae with the help of creation of these guidelines*

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