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Shina von Glaz

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Shina von Glaz

Post by TaiyoTsuki on Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:02 pm

Name: Shina von Glaz
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Planet of origin: Keywork
Magic Person type: Faerie
Current form: Winx
Morality and personal alignment leanings: Chaotic good. Will she, ultimately, do the right thing? Yes. Will she always follow the rules doing so? ...Not...exactly.
Appearance: Purple-black hair; fair skin with freckles; green eyes; solid build; heart-shaped face. Speaks with what would be a Scottish accent if she were from Earth. Normally, dressed like this when she's not in her uniform--> Casual garb
Power type: Technology. Most of her spells aren't oriented to cause damage themselves, so much as affecting/animating/shaping mechanical devices and metal around her.
-Machinery animation: Low level. One of her most basic spells, targets some sort of artifice nearby and animates it. It then forms into a simple golem, no larger than a large dog, capable of following her directions but not capable of more advanced combat. Can deliver one blow with (at most) moderate damage. Also good for blocking incoming attacks/missiles and being a general distraction. Duration: thirty seconds, or until otherwise countered/dispelled or Shina is knocked unconscious.

-Metalbending: Mid level. Another of her basic spells. Summons metal and he can bend it in any shape she desires, to use it either as a sword or other weapon or just fling it in a brute-force attack at his opponent. The metal summoned by her "metalbending" can also be used in other spells as well, if there's no metal available in the environment. Maximum volume of metal that can be summoned: 1.5-2 cubic feet. Duration: One minute, or until otherwise dispelled.

-Alchemy: High level. Somewhere between magic and science, it targets something within a radius up to ten feet and allows Shina to change it to whatever form she wishes. Limitations are...
   -Cannot be used on living/organic things.
   -The mass of the end result must equal the mass of what she started with.
   -Limited to metallic elements such as iron or tin (either because of her magic type or the nature of alchemy itself is as yet unclear); useless in areas with little or no metal around.
   -Best for creating defenses; can take a limit of two or three hits, depending on the metal used.
   -Takes a high amount of energy, and the more metal pulled means more energy needed to fuel the spell.
   -Can't change one element on the Periodic Table to another (so no changing iron to iridium, for example). Great for quick-and-dirty alloy making, though.
   -1 minute duration.

-Shocking grasp: Mid level. Can electrocute someone in physical contact with her, causing moderate damage.
-Variation: Charged weapon. Rather than using physical contact, she channels the imparted electricity through a weapon, such as a phantoblade (provided it's properly insulated, to prevent injuries and explosions and unhappy roommates and teachers) or a weapon formed from Metalbending. Has the potential to do even more damage due to being able to better direct the energy.

-Melee combat (favors a sword);
-Planning things out; she's better at taking on an issue, be it combat or a test, when she's had an opportunity to at least put together a rough plan.
-Spells that affect the artifice around her (as opposed to "force" spells that hit the opponent directly);
-Math & science (at least when she's awake and not bored--see below).

-Really anything that doesn't involve a sword;
-Direct damage spells;
-Being left alone in a lab when she's a) bored, b) tired, or c) both--this will generally result in Bad Things* happening.

Personality: Shina's a brainiac who's sometimes too smart for her own good and prone to overthinking things. She's a tinkerer, chemist, general explosion-lover, and smartass. The best way to describe her would be as a "mad scientist"; her living space has a tendency to be filled with journals filled with scribbled notes and diagrams of stuff she's built, currently building, or intending to build at some point, as well as whatever project(s) she's working on currently. Basically, organized chaos; the general detritus of her mad scientist tendencies will inevitably scatter over wherever she's living, and she's almost always got a grease-stain somewhere on her person.In other words, her surroundings generally reflect her headspace; chaotic, messy, disorganized to anyone who isn't familiar with it, yet she knows exactly where everything is, even if the place looks like a tornado blew through.
   On the flip side, when Shina makes friends she takes those friendships seriously. Once past the chaotic, organized disorganization exterior, is a very loyal, often very passionate friend who wouldn't think twice about blundering into danger because a friend is in trouble. She's the type of person who doesn't have (or really need) more than a few friends, but the ones she has she tends to pick carefully--and once she does, it's not something taken lightly. And if she's betrayed, she will hold a grudge...and it can be held for a very, very long time, depending on how serious or deep the betrayal was.
   Positives: Loyal, brainy, strong (physically as well as mentally), honest, skilled, lab rat
   Negatives: Sarcastic, brash, irreverent, overthinker, chaotic, lab rat
Hobbies/likes/dislikes (optional for now): Plays violin, fiddles with tech/mechanics (she literally built a pet cat), reads. A lot. Has also been known to toss paper throwing stars at people who get annoying.

History: Shina is the Princess of the North, heir to the Crystal Throne and daughter of Aldan von Glaz, a notable wizard artificer in his own right and the current King of the North. Due to the history of Keywork and its royal families, Shina is less like one of the so-called "typical" princess than what would be thought. She isn't particularly posh, and is more at home in a lab than at a gala.
   She takes after her father.
   For the most part, Keywork's royal families and high nobility has a general tendency to keep out of the public eye, or at least keep their children out of the public eye. This has several effects, both good and bad.
   On the good side, it meant that Shina grew up pretty much...normally. She had a measure of privacy that wasn't ordinarily afforded the children of royalty; there was a general awareness that the von Glaz line had an heir, but it was unclear as to whether or not that heir was a prince or a princess. This was true of not just the magical universe, but of a great majority of Keywork as well. Her parents kept it this way, so that she would have a chance to be a normal kid--something that the current King of the North hadn't grown up with.
   As a child, she spent a lot of time getting into trouble, taking things apart, and following her father everywhere. Especially to the lab.
   Probably why she ended up a lab rat herself.
   Before attending Red Fountain, Shina attended school on her home planet of Keywork; from kindergarten up until she left for Specialist training. Over the course of her primary education, she was tutored additionally with other magically-talented nobility in the use of her faerie abilities, resulting in her being able to gain her Winx form before she left Keywork for Red Fountain.
   Shina has always had a talent for tinkering, probably inherited from her father (who has more than a few mad scientist tendencies himself--he has a habit of blowing his eyebrows off every month or so). So, fittingly, her faerie powers would fall along the categories of technology and metal. She discovered her own magic when she was tinkering with an old, broken, outdated automaton.
   She'd been taking it apart, trying to figure out how it worked and if she could possibly fix it. As she was rooting around in its guts, something sparked from her to the old and rusted and broken automaton, and it animated. Until now, her parents were aware that she had some sort of magical power--they just weren't clear what sort it was, as up until this point she was only tapping the surface for basic spells such as levitation and the like. When the automaton animated, the spark that had animated it also sparked to Shina, triggering the release of her Winx form, and revealing her faerie magic.
   As for her attending Red Fountain...originally, she had attempted to keep both of her parents out of the loop, intending to tell them that she would enroll in Alfea, but in reality attend Red Fountain under the name Shinra von Glaz. However, her father found out and, rather than being upset, aided in her ruse. Aldan von Glaz enrolled her under the name Shinra, as one of the Princes of Keywork, and kept her secret from the rest of the nobility--and the rest of her family.
   In short, the only person who knows that Shinra is in fact Shina is none other than the King of the North, Aldan von Glaz.
   The ruse was additionally helped by the general tendency for Keywork's royal families to keep to themselves. It's less of a policy of isolationism so much as preservation of privacy; as a result, many of the princes and princesses aren't in the public eye, which can be used to one's advantage in certain situations--such as having a daughter who opts to dress as a boy and attend a school that doesn't ordinarily accept girls.
Other: When it comes to magic in general, she's best at enchanting, also known as thaumaturgy; crafting and enspelling an item ahead of time with the traits of a spell, which can then be charged and used as needed.

Aldan von Glaz--Father
   King of the North Kingdom of Keywork

Titiana Aurelio von Glaz--Mother
   Queen of the North Kingdom of Keywork

*Bad Things can include explosions, fire, chemical spills, mystery concoctions, hospital visits, injuries, damage to property, etc, etc. Basically, a bunch of stuff that you really, really don't want to happen in a lab...or anywhere, really.

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Re: Shina von Glaz

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:16 pm

*stamps approved*

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