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Basic Magical Abilities

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Basic Magical Abilities

Post by zerowing21 on Sun Sep 25, 2016 2:47 pm

Now there are several magical abilities that do not need to be listed as spells in the characters sheet. One or two could be used in combat, but should take time to use. This list will have things added to it over time.

Teleporting: A basic movement spell, used mainly to go someplace that is quiet a distance away. Mainly used for moving from one planet to other if one knows it. Could be used in combat for a quick escape, but takes over a minute to cast, must not be in a stressful situation and know exactly where they are at relative to the place they are going. (Credit to Nikkie for the last part)

Portals: Portals allow to go from one place to another like teleporting, but this is for moving more people. Only those who are post third year students and above can use these.

Transmutation: Basically changing one thing into another. Like a person into a pumpkin (Like what happened to Mirta in season 1 or when Stella changed Bloom into Broom Bloom) or a carrot into a pen. These spells can be hard to break if you're not able to figure them out that well. (Like when Flora was trying to help revert Mirta back after the trix turned her into a pumpkin)  Can not be used in combat.

Shrinking: Spells that allow one have something grow smaller. These spells won't be learned til fourth year as students. (Griselda displayed this spell during season 6) As an enchantix fairy, you'll be able to shrink anyway.

Growth: Of course the opposite of shrinking. One can grow larger, but once again won't be learned til a students fourth year.

Seed Sprouting: This is pretty much a basic plant ability. Any one can make a plant grow from a seed with a bit of magic. (This is seen during season 1)

Basic magic beam attacks: Everyone seems to have these. They're basic attacks, don't seem to have much stopping power aside from a small push back. Beams take on a color of that person's element. (as seen in the show in various seasons)

Chrono magic: Basic time magic that allows one to see into the past in the Alfea Clock room. Can not be done until Sirenix is gained.

Clothing change: This spell can be done by anyone and you must have the clothes you own in a wardrobe. More advanced forms of this spell that allows one to create clothing out of thin air, but it takes time and practice to really learn this and the clothing will not be perfect at first. (Stella displays this one quiet a bit through out the series)

Communications: There are spells that allow one to create a face to face visual communication or to have a voice communicator that appears on your wrist and disappears after. These won't last long, but they help with fast information transfer. The visual communication won't be learned til third year and any voice communicators can be done between third to fifth year. Harmonix may be required as well for the second way.

Minor Elemental use: Some magic users can of course use very minor spells for water, light and more, but nothing beyond that. They can not ever be used in attacks.

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