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Combat Maneuvers

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Combat Maneuvers

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:44 am

While magic users have spells, non magic users like Specialists use special skills called Combat Maneuvers to dish out damage in combat. These abilities allow one to form their own unique combat style with special move sets. These Maneuvers can be broken down into Minor, Major and Advance and each requires one to use more energy. These moves can of course must make sense with the weapons being used and the training had. A sword of course would be short ranged, but coupled with combat maneuvers could have that extended, but it has to make sense. These abilities can be further enhanced when one uses the magic weapons from the Lynphea battle academy. Be creative with what you can do with what weapon you pick, but please keep in mind to have it make sense.

Major combat maneuver example:
Slice 'n dice: Thee quick slices with the sword are launched in rapid succession towards the target. The first two deal only a little damage and serve to shred defense asunder in order to deliver a devastating third blow. *credit to hyfnae for this system mechanic and example.*

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