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Post by zerowing21 on Tue May 16, 2017 6:54 am

Name: Torenia
Description of the planet/area: A world of vast green/purple forests, a large grey looking desert and other climates. This planet with six large continents, large oceans and several island and small volcanic chains. It's northern most continents have signs of previous habitation. The planet is the size of Earth. A full day is 25 hours and a full year is 384 days.

Brief history: This planet was once inhabited 5,000 years ago by a group known as the Soltecs and worshiped the sun from a temple that is now located in the Sol wilds. They would receive visions some times and learned of impending doom for their world. Fear what was going to happen, they fled to another world, Solaria, where they would worship the sun with its local inheritance. Within a generation, the last of the transfusionists would arrive and to step up a home and work space for the elders. Now in modern times, the planet has no human life and is waiting to be found by someone, looking to uncover secrets.

Culture/cultural influences on buildings and local populace: Soltecs areas are Aztec/Mayan in look. The Transfusionist doesn't have a real influence.

Government type: None. Just natures law.

Important Cities, locations and Landmark: Sol wilds: the Greyish desert on the larger northern continent.

Soltec ruins: Ruins of a city of the Soltecs.

Transfusionist Compound: The 5,000 year old compound of the long dead transfusionists, it holds some secrets.

Lupolight Forest: A forest teaming with Animals that use the ruins of old buildings as dens.

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