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Spaika (Teravhín area)

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Spaika (Teravhín area)

Post by Hyfnae on Tue May 16, 2017 8:18 am

(I will not convert any of these units to imperial units, only SI units here. I did not use the template sheet provided for listing the properties of Spaika.)
Physical properties of Spaika:
Diameter: 8963km
Mean circumference: 28862km
Orbital period: 277 Days (Photonis’ age is calculated via the Magical universe calendar and not in Spaikan Years)
Axial tilt:  6°
Mean density: 15000 km/m3 (Almost thrice Earth’s density)
Surface gravity: 8,9 m/s2 (About 90% earth)
Full rotation: 27 hours and 55 minutes. (Photonis can deal with the 24h system, Spaika uses the same units, clocks just have 28 hour reading with a system in place to compensate for the five minutes which shift each night from 02:00 to 02:05, like daylight saving time but then 5 minutes on a daily basis.)

Geology & Environmental:
Spaika’s soil is exceptionally rich in iridium, which is the reason why it’s so dense to begin with. This makes for a large abundance of the toxic substance iridium oxide (IrO2). Creatures native to Spaika have developed an enzyme to cope with this, but to outsiders this could pose an issue. (Mouthmasks will help cope with the aerosols). The food is mostly safe to eat as the iridium is excreted swiftly by organisms with the enzyme, and water inside Teravín is cleaned. Water in The Scraplands on the other hand is toxic, even if it wasn’t polluted by the iridium.

The air on Spaika is breathable for anyone with a facemask, without a facemask for native Spaikans granted you're within 5 miles of the dome or inside it. One can briefly breathe in a 5-20 mile radius around the dome (After a few hours serious issues start to emerge like hypoxia and all its associated symptoms and methane inhalation.) All air outside of the 20 mile radius is considered toxic and cannot sustain life for more than a couple of minutes due to high levels of ammonia and methane in the air and low levels of oxygen. 6% vs 18% in the dome/scraplands The percentage declines linearly starting at the 5 mile marker at 18% and dropping to 6% at the 20 mile mark. Earth's atmospheric oxygen content is 21%. Spaika's average air pressure is 850hPa compared to Earth's 1013hPa. Spaika's average pressure is Earth's average pressure 1.5 kilometers above sea level.

Everything beneath Teravhín's dome is kept alive by terraforming. Tens of thousands of people work daily to maintain the 50 mile wide dome on the inside, to keep the people inside the City of Teravhín safe. This incidentally causes the air to be life sustaining just outside of the dome. It's said it's done deliberately to have a workforce for the heavy mining industry still going strong.

In Teravhín, there is a massive gap between the middle class and the lower class. Where the middle class lives in good condition, with wealth comparable to the rich Western Europe countries, it’s the lower class that suffers. People are being kept barely alive, and with vast and barren landscapes separating Teravhín from other mega cities akin itself, the lower class’ only alternative is to die.
Spaika’s coin: Numesi (ϗ)
Exchange rate Numesi -> Magical dimension currency: 0.3
Exchange rate Magical dimension currency -> Numesi: 3.5

Spaika is a place where in early days, people from different magical places settled. Especially those with a knack for mining liked the place for the iridium rich soil it had. Where on other realms this metal was hard and expensive to get by, here it was over abundant. But due to the strange composition of the planet’s soil, its ecosystem was a lot more fragile than on most planets.

When the mining began, pollution associated with mining quickly became a problem. Fauna and Flora that were already strange compared to what one would expect at other places began to suffer first, with vulnerable species dying off.

The magic users among the settlers quickly picked up on this problem and took the problem on. At first this went all well, and for generations the knowledge of how to keep the environment expanded and was passed on.

All was well up until the point when the magical dimension went through an industrial revolution introducing more efficient means to mine. However more efficient, they also polluted way more than anything had ever before. Initially this went well, as generation upon generation has had the time to hone the craft of terraforming magic, to sustain ecosystems. The creatures, they began to change.

Animals warped rapidly into aberrant beasts, ravaging the landscape of everything they could consume. More quickly than they could adjust, flora and fauna on Spaika completely burned itself out in a violent death throw. Those who could flee to the big cities did, those who couldn’t became victims to the frenzy that killed the planet. Those fled to the big city however, weren’t admitted in.

Teravhín had expended a group of magic users to hermatically dome the city shut to keep polluted air from entering. This excluded those fleeing. For days it was hell for the millions of people who tried to get into the city. (estimated there were 470 million trying to enter, but records vary from 250 million to as high as 750 million seeking refuge.) Until nature’s frenzy finally relented and made room for nothing but a barren surface left. Those who were dead were buried to prevent another disaster by pestilence.

The oceans are ruined and completely void of life, most of the planet’s surface too.  Those caught outside the dome were stripped of their last names, and were given the scraps of the city to survive, thus bringing the name “Scraplands” to life. Nowadays those living in The Scraplands (still a good 100 million were left outside. Inside the dome around 300 million people lived)

Now with the terraforming skills they acquired over time they keep the mega cities alive, the only patches of land that remain viable to live in. The only reason Spaika hasn’t been abandoned completely as of today is because of the lucrative iridium trade, but the poor have to suffer to keep it lucrative for those who earn the big money. (One could state the entire lower class, those without a last name, are slaves since they’re not allowed to leave the planet nor have the means to do so.)

Spaikan politics:
Teravhín is ruled by a chancellor appointed by the heads of the seven families. Usually the Chancellor is the high seat of one of the houses. (The head of the family.) Who is voted for is decided in combat. Not lethal combat, but highly commercialized arena fights that pit magic user against magic user. The house who’s representative wins, will see their high seat chancellor. Currently the house Lecter, A strong family of electric magic users. Rumors have it they specifically breed their children to produce the strongest fighters, but no one ever vocalizes this, much less actually accuses them.

In The Scraplands there are similar arenas. They are all ran by The Spaikan prime families though nobody outside of the arena owners and the contact persons pulling the string no one knows. It’s used as a means to control the population. Offer The Scraplanders the opportunity to escape their destitute situation and become professional fighters. And if that doesn’t work at least there is some form of entertainment so the morale stays marginally high enough for them not wanting to kill themselves, thus keeping their valuable cheap labor forces.

All in all from an ethical point of view, the ruler of Spaika, or basically rulers, since the other high seats won’t treat The Scraplanders any better are oppressive and just out to make more money (of which they already have way more than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes.)

Any crime committed in the inner city by a person 18 years of older is punished by being stripped of one's last name. This instills such fear in the middle class, that they don't dare revolt or walk out of line in fear of ending up in The Scraplands. Most people thrown out of the dome will die rapidly due to being unable to survive in those conditions. Only few manage to survive, and even fewer manage to get the money to buy a new last name. When a new last name is bought, ones crimes, no matter their nature are forgiven and that person is welcomed back into the city. (This however does not mean one is also forgiven of personal slight accompanied with the crime, just for the authorities it is.) This law also applies to those not native to Spaika. (These people won't really lose their last name from the Magix records, it just means you have to pay ϗ20.000,- in order to leave. if you fail to produce that amount of money, you're forced to stay in The Scraplands. Native Spaikans will also be stripped of all their posessions on Spaika before thrown into The Scraplands. Outlanders will have everything on their person confiscated before being thrown into The Scraplands.
Punishable offenses within the dome that merit the stripping of one's last name:
-Stealing anything exceeding the value of ϗ250,- (This includes scams).
-The obvious crimes (murder, rape, assault, fraud).
-Magic use without permit or outside the arena.

Inside of Teravhín there are ample schools and a sufficient level of education to be completely on-par with the higher tiers in technical and non-magical education. However, the education of magic is completely warped with pre-conceived way certain magical powers are employed. This stems from the efforts of counteracting the negative environmental impact of their intensive mining industry. Training for the magical powers is only given in the way best for terraforming. This resulted in what The Spaikans call "The order of magic" which are guidelines how someone with certain powers is to be trained in magic to suit the terraforming needs the best. Coincidentally this had led to a disbalance in the combat capabilities of different powered magic users. Each of the prime families represents one of the seven "elements" they distinct for terraforming. Light, Darkness, Electricity, Fire, Water, Air, Earth(nature) are the seven distinctions in power made by the people of Spaika.

In The Scraplands there are schools, but they're not funded, often handled by females who weren't employed in the factories/mines or who couldn't due to handicap or disease. School has voluntary attendance and as a result few attendees. Most kids, especially between the ages of 12 and 17 (Magical universe years, not Spaikan years) are in some way involved in youth gangs.

As a result of a lacking education system and little to no attention given by their parents, many youths turn to crime. Criminal numbers in the scraplands can't be measured since there is no official police. There are however vigilantes who try to keep people safe. In cases where someone behaves especially bad (This assault, rape, murder, in some cases theft especially during scarcities which occur often) public lynchings and mob justice will be dispensed.

Around 25% of the people in The Scraplands cannot read or write. Another 40% only writes and reads at primary school levels. The remainder forms a spectrum from middle-schooler to advanced readers.

A magic permit can be gained when BOTH the following conditions are fulfilled.
1) A magic user has completed secondary magical education in Teravhín or attended a different form of magical education outside of Teravhín and graduated (Alfea counts)
2) A magic user is employed in a listed Spaikan company

Wildcard: One is employed as a fighter in one of the four Profeta arenas.

Magic licences are restrictive, permitting magic use only when active in designated areas.


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