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Transformation modifier.

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Transformation modifier.

Post by Hyfnae on Tue May 16, 2017 4:16 pm

Transformation modifiers.

This is a mechanic you as players need not work with but you certainly do need to be aware of. In light of making character creation easier and character maintenance even easier as he-she progresses with the launch of Status effects, I intend to use Transformation Modifiers named Tmod henceforth to track how spells interact with characters in both stronger and weaker stages of their progress.

Math class is in.

The following formula determines how the spell behaves when striking a target who has more or fewer transformations then you. (Special marking points for wizards and specialist to keep their spells and combat maneuvers on par is being worked on.)

Mspell = D*1.2^ΔTmod

Mspell is Spell magnitude
D is standard duration of the spell effect
1.2 is the tranformation modifier
ΔTmod is the difference between you and your target's transformation modifiers.
For calculation for ΔTmod it's always be as follows: Tmod caster - Tmod target, so this also works that way if a player happens to be a target.

The formula can result in both a positive and a negative exponential. If the target has a higher Tmod than you, the exponent will be negative, thus your spell is less effective. If the target has a lower Tmod then you, the exponent will be positive thus your spell is more effective. If you're equal nothing happens and the spell works and damages as standard.

This gives the following graphs upon using 10, 20, 30 and 40 second duration as examples to give you an idea how much impact it has when fighting more advances or weaker opponents. The duration are always rounded to the nearest full 10 seconds. This does make some jumps a bit erratic but it fits the sudden power gains implied by transformations. The impact of damage impact will still be done ad-hoc and remains unchanged, though this will be kept in mind when determining impact and magnitude.

This system allows players to always keep the numbers the same in the spells (to avoid massive scaling for highly advanced characters, get a growing curve for characters as they progress so they also feel more powerful as they do, despite the unchanged numbers.


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