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Astera     Empty Astera

Post by Junieberriez on Thu May 18, 2017 5:39 pm

Name: Astera
about 9320.5679 mi Circumference or 15000km

Description of the planet/area: Spherical planet surrounded by purple fog-like clouds, causes the sky to appear pink/yellow-ish because of their bright Star that is a replacement for a sun. the flora are a more darker shade of green/color and the land is a dark burgundy. The water is also a darker shade of blue up to black depending on the depths. There are multiple large continents and smaller islands. About 4-5 oceans, one major. The planet is roughly the size of Mercury.

The lands itself is full of rich soil, very good for farming and cultivating. There are countless ruins throughout the entire planet and all sorts of strange devices that could be accompanied to ancient civilizations. There are throughout the planet deposits of Onyx, Obsidian, Amethyst, and Orichalcum. the deposits of Obsidian is more often than not accompanied by volcanoes.

Most of the wildlife is filled with unforgiving and nasty creatures. From giant dino-sized crocodiles/aligators to massive birds that feed on emotions, most people have to have a strong wit about them if they wish to travel the wilderness. There are elvies and pixies but their villages are both hard to find, in order to deter being eaten. The Selkie Guardian lives in Litera Ocean.

The currency throughout the world is Stellings, but the trading of goods is also allowed and encouraged. Magix currency can be used in the main kingdom, but otherwise will need to be exchanged for stellings.

The planet moves relatively slower than Earth, and is always cool during the day and almost freezing during the night. The planet doesn't seem to have any major seasons.

Foreigners might not fare well if they are not keen to darkness, especially light aspected fairies. Prolonged visits can cause severe discomfort and weakness.

Currently Ruled by King Aegis and Queen Esther, first to the throne is Prince Solus and second is Princess Selena

Time of days
Starrise – Late morning to after noon
Starset – Noon to evening
Starfall – Evening to night
Starren – Night to midnight
Starmorn – Midnight to early morning
Rotation Period is roughly 1day, 6hr, 0min

Brief history: Legends say that the mother goddess was a lonely soul, searching for a place to rest. She found Astera and settled there, creating children to keep her company. The wizards were the first to be created. One child turned on her, slaying her and causing her blood to seep into the earth, creating the fairies of that planet. The fairies had magical powers to rival the wizards and knocked those who would riot and cause harm down, taking over. This legend has been passed and shifted a little, causing wars between the fairies and wizards to happen every few centuries. For the most part, peace finally blanketed the planet up to present times, though there is still the occasional riot between wizards and fairies.

Culture/cultural influences on buildings and local populace: Gothic Victorian, olde Gothic english, dark and gloomy. Populace has pale eyes, skin, and hair but usually dark clothes.

One major religion worshiping the Mother Goddess. The major religion is viewed every Monday by worship, prayers, and even gatherings. It supposedly supports growth, peace, and reflection. Downside to the religion is the discrimination against wizards, which causes unrest but not full out wars yet. It is not a key factor in ruling the people, as the kingdom promotes self discovery when it comes to what people want to believe in and tries to give as much freedom as possible.

The royal family themselves are stern but caring for the most part. Their people has to be happy for the planet to continue being hospitable. Their judgement is absolute and their decisions are made with the guidance of a counsel, mostly made of civilians from all corners of the planet. These counsel men and women are chosen by their fellow civilians and used as the voices of the people.

The Justice system runs on two strikes after the initial 'proven guilty' aspect for villainous people; Forgiveness and condemnation. First time offenders will spend time within the cells then released. They do it again and they are put into the darkest corners of the Magic-draining prisons built under the kingdom and forgotten.

This does not include theft, the punishment for theft is payment to the victim and/or servitude until the cost of the damage is paid off.

The planet makes up of mostly :: Elves, Wizards, Fairies and Mermaids
There is less than 10% of witches living on this planet.
Wizards are frowned upon and treated with scrutiny due to the unfounded legends surrounding the planet's people and its creation. This causes conflicts between the fairies and wizards.

Government type: Monarchy. Planet ruled by the Ishtars, but land is divided between the noble houses and commoners all across the worlds.

Important Cities, locations and Landmark:
Ashaenthia Kingdom – The Kingdom that The Ishtar family rules over. Looks very gothic victorian.
Daezema Forest – A mystical looking forest surrounded by dense fog, legends of disappearance to giggling children haunt these untouched woodlands.
Litera Ocean – Major Ocean, nothing too important but a spot similar to Earth's Bermuda Triangle. Strange things happen there. Also called “Mother Goddess' Anguish” because of a lot of bad storms that happen over it.
Minereve Desert – Dunes, dunes, and more dunes. On the plus side there is an Oasis turned traveler's pit stop. Take a dip in the water or get something to eat and drink at the Lotus Sister's Rest Stop.

Trading partners/allies: Domino

Distinguished species

Rare - nearly extinct // Birds of Despair // Only roughly 20 alive due to people killing them
A bird the size of a small child, obsidian black in color with a shiny gleam. Generally has glowing red eyes. Their wings are white at the tips and their calls sound much like a crying woman. They lure people into the depths and devour their happy and even sad emotions, leaving the shells behind devoid of anything but despair. No one usually lives long afterward.

Rare – almost extinct // Nightshades // A few hundred left
A horse like being, obsidian in color with a shiny gleam. Their body has white spots that make it look like stars. Their manes are mostly dark purple to dark blue, or even black. Their eyes are solid black and glow when light is flashed into their eyes. They have a single gnarled looking horn and their hooves are made of amethyst. Some of kept as pets, others left in the wild or are in captivity to try to bring them back from near extinction.

Their horns when shedded can be used in potions and wands for enhanced magical properties in charms and runic spells.

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Astera     Empty Re: Astera

Post by zerowing21 on Sat May 20, 2017 3:55 pm

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Astera     Empty Re: Astera

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