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Miave Vol Dragoon

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Miave Vol Dragoon

Post by Nijaki on Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:26 am

Name: Miave Vol Dragoon

Age: 16

Gender: f

Planet of origin: Spectrum

Morality and personal alignment leanings: Neutral Good

Casual and Winx:

Power type: Chaos (Curse/Jinx base)

Low Power:
- Chaos Burst: Her generic magical blast. An orb or beam of bright green energy that pummels enemies for a small amount of damage. Unfocused effect: The orb/beam will bounce around haphazardly, towards friend and foe alike.
- Unruled Barricade: A shield that can only take a single good hit, but it reflects 50% of damage taken back at a randomly selected enemy. Only blocks and reflects physical damage, ineffective against non-damage-dealing status effects. Duration: 30 seconds OR single hit. Unfocused effect: The reflected attack can target an ally. (Note: Miave has to take focus time BEFORE casting the shield for reflected attacks to hit their intended target, not when it is hit.)

Medium Power:
- Chakram Summon: Miave’s most basic ability that can be used even when she’s at her least powerful or in her civilian form, and one of a small handful of spells she doesn't have to take time to focus on before casting. She summons her two ckarams to her hands to use in combat, both for physical attacks and as a focus for her magic. Duration: 80 seconds
- Discordance: When placed on a target, this spell interferes with their casting abilities. Their spell might not go off at all, or it could have a completely different effect than what the caster intended. The caster will not know the effect until a spell is cast. Duration 40 seconds. Unfocused effect: The changed effect of the spell could become beneficial for the caster.

High Power
- Chaos Storm: The target’s mind is beset by chaos, scrambling their thoughts and keeping them from focusing on things like who their allies are and how to not hurt themselves with their spells or weapons. Duration 20 seconds. Unfocused effect: It can send the target into a berserk state that makes them more dangerous for Miave and her allies.

Combat Maneuvers:
- Grapple: Only works on single-handed weapons with long blades or shafts, such as swords, sai, or tonfa. Using the circular shape of her chakram, Maive traps her opponent’s weapon inside the loop of her own and locks it in place to keep them from using it, though it also means she can’t attack, either. Has a chance to disarm the opponent.
- Stun: Specifically avoiding the bladed edges, Miave basically just uses her chakram as extra weight added to a punch to deal concussive damage rather than slicing.

- Throw: Heaving one or both of her chakram at a target, the spinning blades hit from a far greater range than what she can achieve with them in-hand. After hitting, they will either bounce off and fall or get stuck in the target. Either way, she must take a turn to re-summon them afterwards, or otherwise retrieve them.
- Spinning Sweep: By whirling herself around with her chakrams in position, she deals two hits to anybody within arms reach. Because it involves a quick spin, she cannot prevent it from hitting allies, and her defense is lowered until her next turn.

- Ricochet Throw: Taking more concentration and precision than her more standard Throw, Miave hurls her chakrams in a way that causes them to bounce off of sturdy objects and hit a single target 2-3 times or up to three targets once, before returning to her hands. (NOTE: the 2-3 hits and 3 targets are the combined total of throwing both chakrams, and not dealt by each chakram individually)

+ Miave is a wellspring of energy, in and out of battle. It takes a long time for her to grow tired when physically and magically active. This translates well for convergence magic, since she can significantly bolster the power of most spells. She’s always willing to be a battery for any allies that have the ability to draw energy from others when they’re running low.
+ She’s a great listener and cheerleader when someone feels scared or is lacking confidence. Being intimately familiar with insecurity herself, it’s important to her that she helps her friends fight those demons when they’re struggling. Be it a quiet talk in the dorms or a pep-talk before some big challenge, Miave wants people to know what they’re capable of, and that she’s behind them all the way.
+ Unless she’s given a specific reason to dislike someone, Miave makes an effort to get along with the people around her and is generally pretty easy-going. She’s not shy and will be the first to come forward and make friends.
+ Once Miave cares about someone, she is fiercely loyal and protective and will go to great lengths to keep them from physical and emotional damage. If a friend can’t see a fight through to the end, she’ll finish it to make sure they get out safe, and she’s a firm believer in the saying ‘You break their heart, I break your face.’

- Miave is ruled by her emotions. When she’s angry, she’s gonna let it all hang out and get herself and others into trouble, lashing out and hurting people when she doesn’t mean to. When she’s sad, she holes up inside of herself and won’t let people pull her out of her mood, even if she has more important things to be doing than mope. Whenever her mental state is at odds with her responsibilities, it doesn’t matter what she should be doing, she’s going to do what she feels like doing.
- As much as she tries to help others feel confident, Miave is greatly lacking in that department. She tends to compare herself to people around her and usually finds herself coming up short, be it in academics or magical skill or just being a responsible and respectable person. She can’t always keep her resentment bottled up, and ends up snapping at people who don’t deserve it.
- In a fight, Miave is what some might call too dumb to quit. Her abundant energy does have its limits, but she doesn’t always heed them. If she feels she has any tiny bit of power left in her, she cannot let herself stop until it’s gone, even if it means getting her butt handed to her.
- Magically, Miave has always struggled. Funnily enough, chaos isn’t easy to control, and her magic can very easily become a danger to herself and those around her if she isn’t careful when casting it (aka she always has to take an extra post to charge her spells or else they may have unintended and detrimental effects). Because of this, she has a strong psychological barrier regarding her magic, and any spell more potent than basic schoolwork has to be focused through her chakrams to ensure it’s going to do what she wants it to do when she releases it. Should she somehow be cut off from them, both the chaotic nature of her magic and her own panicked state would make her powers highly volatile.

Personality: Miave is mostly extroverted, and projects a lot of energy and friendliness, even if her personality can overwhelm some people. She doesn’t seem particularly shy around strangers, and usually does pretty well getting off on the right foot with people. She’s surprisingly observant when she seems to be making someone uncomfortable, and is willing to tone it down a bit until people get more used to her. Despite being easily excitable, she’s easy-going and doesn’t put a lot of her abundant energy into holding grudges or getting mad if someone has accidentally done her wrong. She’d rather just put it behind her and focus on positives. She does enjoy teasing and joking with her friends, though, and she doesn’t always know when to stop talking, which can sometimes get her in hot water with others.

Despite her best efforts, there are some people that just set Miave off. She wants to believe the best of people, but if she honestly thinks someone is acting in a way meant to hurt herself or her loved ones, she’ll fight back in a way that makes it obvious that SHE means to be hurtful, either emotionally or physically.

Many of Miave’s most basic outward emotions, be it her open friendliness or her protection of those she cares about, are based on a deep insecurity. She was born into a position that places a lot of expectations on her, and it seems like everyone around her does everything better than her, be it royal duties, magic, or even just forming relationships with people. Everything she does is because she’s trying as hard as she can to make people want to keep her around. She thinks that if she lets up, or makes a mistake, people will realize she’s actually a big screw-up and want to leave her. This insecurity sometimes manifests in other unhealthy ways - anger if she’s questioned or if she feels like it would be safer for her to push someone away before they push her. Isolation when her fears are too strong and she can’t bring herself to try anymore because she believes it’s ultimately pointless. Recklessness when she thinks that she’s going to ruin everything anyway, so why not just do whatever she wants?

It’s a combination of these self-destructive behaviors that have lead Miave to an occasional problem with authority. One would think that as a princess, she’d be used to rules and appeasing certain expectations. But in reality, she rarely feels any confidence that she’ll be able to please people, and just feels resentful that they placed those expectations on her in the first place. Nobody can say she failed if she never actually tried.

In her everyday life, Miave likes to spend her time with physical activities. Sports, sparring, even just going on a run. It helps her clear her head and center herself. She also likes reading, particularly books about ancient history or military history. Comedy and action/adventure are her favorite kinds of movies, and her favorite music is anything loud and powerful. She will snack at any time and will try anything once.

Hobbies: Combat training, sports in general, playing her drums, exploring new places, reading.
Likes: Animals, spicy food, laughing, rock music, comic books, punk and alternative aesthetics.
Dislikes: Sitting still, direct orders, arrogance, onions.

History: Miave was born to Queen Preema and Queenshand Gerard, along with two brothers, identical twins named Devon and Kay. She is the second Princess of Spectrum, the Crown Princess being her sister, Rezzia, who is older by four years. With her mother being one of the most powerful Guardian Fairies of Spectrum in the planet’s recorded history, and her father being a Duke in his family’s homeland and coming from the ancient Falassion line, greatness has been expected of her from birth.

Her magic manifested early and often, and caused some great concern for royal physicians when she was constantly hurting herself with uncontrolled bursts of energy. Her traditional Spectran training in martial arts and weaponry was started early because of this, in hopes that physical discipline would help keep her powers at bay. The chakram that had been crafted for her became the main focus of her training, both in their combat applications and in pouring her magic into them so it didn’t exit her body in more dangerous ways. Despite the support and care of her family, this placed the seeds of inadequacy in Miave’s mind, and she never understood why she couldn’t be strong enough to control her own abilities.

Aside from her magic-related worries, Miave’s childhood was typical for a Spectran princess. She was never too interested in lessons in things like foreign policy and court manners, but she did enjoy history and geneology. When it came to things that a true ruler would need to now, she didn’t pay a lot of attention. Rezzia was the crown princess, not her, and to be honest, Rezzia was much better suited for it. Beautiful, smart, rational, strong - everything Miave wasn’t. As much as she loved her sister, and as much as her parents spread their love, Miave started feeling early on that Rezzia was the golden child, and has struggled with that resentment all her life. Even her brothers aren’t free of her jealousy - their magical abilities may not be on par with those of a fairy, but at least they can use them without becoming a liability.

She took comfort in her training. It was something she was good at, it helped her control her power, and she always felt like her siblings’ equal in the arena. Outside of her various lessons, she spent her time running around the castle grounds with her sister and brothers, and eventually out into the surrounding city of Olose. She loved it dearly, the places and the people and the energy, and she still feels her happiest and most comfortable when she’s back home. Not as a ruler, not butting heads with people who expect her to be something she’s not, but just as a person among her people who stands with them and counts herself as one of them.

Now old enough to attend Alfea, a school the fairies of her family have attended for generations, she’s of two minds. On the one hand, she wants to learn more about magic, both her own and in general. She’s heard so much about how Alfea helps shape fairies, and she wants dearly to be shaped. She also hopes to find some friends outside of either her family or the children of people her parents know. On the other hand, she already knows she doesn’t deal well with being told what to do in most cases, and school is nothing but being told what to do. Not to mention that her academic performance has always been middling at best. She’s already agreed to go, though, and can only hope that everything turns out for the better.

Randomized Ability Effect Generation:
For the randomized effects of Miave’s spells, both intended and as unfocused consequences, percentile dice will be rolled to determine what happens. If required of mods or narrators, an online die-rolling room can be made so that a witness can verify results.

Chaos Burst (unfocused): 1-30- Spell activates like normal. 31-60 - Spell does not activate. 61-100 - Spell will release without Miave’s guidance, a fight participant from either side will be chosen as the target by a randomizer.

Unruled Barricade (focused): One of Miave’s enemies will be chosen as a target of reflected damage by a randomizer.

Unruled Barricade (unfocused): 1-30 - Shield activates like normal. 31-60 - Shield fails and Miave takes direct damage. 61-100 - An ally of Miave’s will be chosen as a target of reflected damage by a randomizer.

Discordance (focused): 1-30 - Target’s spell does not activate. 31-60 - If the target’s spell is an attack, it becomes a damage buff for physical/magical attacks with a duration of 20 seconds. If the spell was a buff, it becomes an attack dealing aspected damage of the original target’s element (or pure un-aspected damage if the target does not have a dominant element). 61-90 - Target’s spell potency is reduced by 20%. 91-100 - Target’s spell backfires and explodes with a damage-dealing diameter of 6 ft.

Discordance (unfocused): 1-15 - Spell activates like normal. 16-40 - Target’s spell potency is increased by 25%. 41-65 - Target’s spell speed is enhanced, they can cast an additional low or medium power spell for the round. 66-90 - Target’s attack spells now have one additional debuff (Duration: 20 seconds if no debuff was already attached to the attack, otherwise it shares the original effect’s duration), and buffing spells gain one additional effect. 91-100 - Target’s spell potency is increased by 20% AND all their allies within 10 ft of them receive a potency buff of 10%.

Chaos Storm (focused): 1-50 - Target harms self with damage and effects of spell. If it is a buff, its effects become harmful (a heal will drain health, dispelling a blindness/paralysis will extend it, etc). 51-100 - Target aims spell at one of their allies. If it is a buff, it’s effects become harmful.

Chaos Storm (unfocused): 1-25 - Spell activates like normal. 26-50 - Spell does not activate. 51-100 - Puts the target into a “berserker” state. Physical strength, magic strength, damage resistance, and endurance are all enhanced by 15%, but they still may attack their allies.

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Re: Miave Vol Dragoon

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Jun 06, 2017 8:49 am

As I've been told, the unfocused and focused effects of the spells, still have to follow the new trade off clause in status effects thread. Please refer to it to make the appropriate changes.

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Re: Miave Vol Dragoon

Post by Nijaki on Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:17 am

I have discussed the clause with Sten and as of now, have been told that it isn't relevant to Miave's current spells, so in that respect they're all clear. I eagerly await commentary from other mods!

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Re: Miave Vol Dragoon

Post by zerowing21 on Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:56 pm

Everything for the character looks good from my end of things, So I shall give her an approval.

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Re: Miave Vol Dragoon

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