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Moonrise (WIP)

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Moonrise (WIP)

Post by zerowing21 on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:38 pm

Name: Moonrise

Description: The planet named Moonrise is a world with green oceans and light purples skies. The world is comprised of four continents, 2 sub continents, several non volcanic islands in the mid latitudes and a vast polar region in the north. The plants are all dark reds and oranges, which gives the place a feeling of permanent fall during the year. The normal day on the planet is 24 hours long and a full year is 367 days. Moonrise is thrice the size of Earth with gravity of the world being .25 times stronger. The world also has 3 blue colored moons that every three years form a perfect alignment. The world is known for its spice production, crops and magic item manufacturing.

Brief history: Moonrise has been a world stuck in a feudal era like state, while it has high technology in many places, most is only used by those in power. The common people are nothing more than surfs to the nobles of the world, who profit off the backs of those poor people. During the early days some 1500 years ago, there were many fights between noble houses due to personal differences and petty issues, but these fights would soon be put to rest by a new monarch that would come to the throne. With the effort of this ruler they would all fall inline, but that didn't stop the backstabbing and the plotting of the nobles. 1500 years later, the monarchy is weak and the current ruler is nothing more than a puppet while the head of house Qutelepa is the Prime Minister of the world. Any house at his whim can deemed to lose its stature or be given favor. Many of the houses he likes are always given favor. Assassinations have even been known to happen and some houses have been out right extinguished.

Cultural influence: While the world is modern and has a 1970s feel in many places, other less posh areas where the surfs live in a mixture of old and new world buildings, but without the convince of high technology.

Government type: A very weak monarchy rules by an all powerful prime minster.

Trade Partners: Moonrise trades with Isis, Erakylon and others. It does not trade with Solaria and Domino.

Noble houses: House Yaipo
House Augustin
House Qutelepa
House Kodic
House Llyzab
House Uitomn
House Silveris
House Waikin
House Jikido
House Modac
House Sage
House Hilhop

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