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tbd (wip) v

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tbd (wip) v

Post by Hyfnae on Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:11 pm

Name: Axhila Mo´þín (Azjílaa Mo’thín) ((tbd))

Age: 17

Gender: Androgynous.

Nationality: tbd

Planet of origin: tbd

Magic Person type: Witch

Current form: base level

Morality and personal alignment leanings: tbd

Appearance: tbd

Power type: Sound/air

High level:
Concussive concordance: A concussive blow dealing moderate damage. For each sound spell landed in the previous 30 seconds, the damage of this spell doubles (This stacks additively). Deals bludgeoning physical damage.

Medium level:
Natural resonance: matches the natural resonance of any solid in order to induce catastrophic failure. This only works on object 3m³ or smaller. This spell can be used multiple times in a row to demolish bigger objects.

Harmonic shockwave: A blast of vibration rushes through the air to land a fierce physical blow to a target. Half the damage will pierce any kind of armor that would block physical damage. Deals a moderate amount of bludgeoning damage and counts as a sound spell for concussive concordance.

Sonic lance: A very rapid and accurate spell dealing part sound, part piercing damage. This spell counts as a sound spell for concussive concordance.

Harmonic dream: Can be used as an immediate reaction to another sound or air spell being used. One of three things can happen:
-Spell’s damage is doubled
-Spell’s damage is halved
Caster cannot use a spell for the following round after using this spell.

Strengths: tbd

Weaknesses: tbd

Personality: tbd

Hobbies/likes/dislikes (optional for now): tbd

History: tbd


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