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Roll Everton

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Roll Everton

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:26 pm

Name: Roll (Roland, but he hates his full name) Everton
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Ethnicity: Dominoian
Allegiance: good guys, neutral good
Power type: Transfusion

Appearance: Roll has short messy dark (or blood) red hair and silver eyes. He normally wears a green shirt, with jeans and orange sneakers. His skin is white and he has a slight muscular build.

Specialist Uniform: While he has the main Lynphea paladin uniform like the others, he fore goes the cape and doesn't like having the gem in the chest armor, but when it is in, the gem is grey.


Shockmare Vine: Roll releases pure electrical power from his blade, which morphs into thorny electrical vines. As it nears the person in question, it latches on as it passes or hits them dead on if lucky enough. The person receives a painful shock and they can't move for at least 20 seconds. Power level: Medium

Silencing Thunder: A small ball of electrical energy streaks towards a target, releasing a low level damaging shock upon contact that leaves the person mute and unable to cast any spells for 10 seconds. Power level: Low

Ember Rain: An ember is released from the tip of the blade and it screams into the air, bursting into small fragments. These fragments rain down on the target very quickly, heating up into full scale balls of flame. Power Level: Medium

Transfusionist’s Flame: White hot fire spiral out from the blade, rushing the target. The flame wraps around the target, dealing heavy damage and leading to 30 seconds of Hyperthermia. Power Level High

Static Ring: Thrusting the blade into the ground, a weak circle of electrical energy surrounds the user and pushes people away from them, dealing light damage and may disorient those hit for a moment. Useful for powering electronics without a generator. Power Level: Low

Flame Strike: A simple fireball attack leaves Roll’s sword and hits the person, dealing damage. Power Level: Medium

Blazing Vortex: Slowly spinning his blade above his head to start the spell, Roll creates a pure tornado of fire that gradually draws anything inside of it within ten yards. A person drawn in is damaged moderately and might be flung out of the tornado at any given time. It only lasts for two minutes and drains a lot of his magic energy. Power level: High.

Volcano Note: A music note made of fire energy rushes forth from Roll’s blade and burns the target. No sound damage is dealt since it’s not a sound spell. Power Level: Medium.

Strengths : Is rather good at photography and can picks out a decent shot that can speak volumes. He is well versed in mythology and knows it by heart. He is faster than most having taken track while on Earth

Weaknesses: Easily irritated by certain personalities, His Stubbornness often causes him to have disagreements with other specialists, he has to spend a longer period of time learning spells due his lack of ability with in using magic.

Personality: Roll is stubborn and this stubbornness is a double edge sword. He won't give up easily on things, but it will lead to conflict with others. It may not seem so, but he's rather quiet, unless he's agitated by someone. He'll get rather testy at this point and his stubbornness shows. While it might not appear so, he's a rather gentle warm person, but that's only after you get past the first layer of the onion. He is however, unwilling to spend time with his real family, feeling like he really doesn't belong on Domino. Due to recent events, Roll has very little confidence and even puts himself down when it comes to his abilities. He also become terrified when it comes to fighting against more powerful foes. He also can be a tad snarky when he doesn't want to deal with people or just in a bad mood.

History: Roll was born on January 24th on Domino over a month after his cousin Bloom. While his parents Owen and Raine were happy at his birth, they also realized that their young son's magic energy was vastly different and knew why right away. He was what people would refer to him as a Mage Knight and knew that when people found out, then things would grow very hard for the young boy. The family decided to keep this hidden for right then and the everything was somewhat peaceful. That peace didn't last when the Ancestral witches arrived to look for the Dragon Flame, along with their armies. Deciding that this was a good chance to give their son a normal life, Raine used a powerful teleportation to send Roll off to Solaria to live with a distant relative of hers. This plan however went awry due to Daphne's own spell used to send Bloom thought time and Roll was swept away by it in a piggy back effect.

While Bloom appeared in a burning building near Mike, Roll appeared in the car of a young journalist named Garret Everton who had been delivering papers for someone who was sick, just as he was driving a block away from that burning building. Garret took the boy home and he and his wife May adopted him. The next few years of his life were very normal, making friends, including becoming good friends with Bloom at the age of three. By the age of six, he would befriend Selina and would play with her sometimes with Bloom. While not playing with those two, Roll would learn how to develop film with his mother and even learn a bit about photography in general or he would play with other people, like his friend Andy. There were times, like when he was seven, when he would get into fights with Bloom over her being pushy and bossy, but they would reconcile, thought Roll vowed to not let his anger get the best of him again.

By the time he was in middle school, Roll had excelled in running, even joining the track team. He continued to spend time with his friends, doing what young and middle age teens do, like going to the movies, getting in arguments over things and hanging out. His life was rather dull after all. At the age of sixteen, when he was out doing some training for track and rather tired, he would return home to witness some weird ogre being carted by some guys in uniforms and Bloom speaking to a blonde girl. He would exchange a few words, learning about the magic dimension. After getting home, he would go to sleep, forgetting some of the information. Things once again would return to normal for a time, until he got some weird dreams with a woman in yellow named Daphne over six months later.

For over a year and a half, he ignored these dreams, just finding them weird and turning them out, but remembering what was said about talking to Bloom about some planet named Domino. Thing once again settled down, until that is Vanessa invited him to Bloom's 20th birthday, which over a year and a half later. It had been quiet a while since he had seen her and he had been wondering where she had gone off to or why she hadn't told him she had returned. During that party he heard her speak of Domino and Daphne and he questioned her. Surprised by Roll asking these question, Bloom decided to drag him along even while he protested this. While he was of course part of the trip he was not present during their encounter with the book of fate and Bartlebe, since Sky asked him to remain outside. Bartlebe would reveal the prophecy, mentioning that knights of yore would be revive as results of Bloom's work.

When Bloom and the girls were heading for the circle, Roll (since he was dragged around again) would join the specialist in defending the door, where eventually he picked up an old discarded blade and accidentally casting a powerful spell while defending himself and taking out several large bugs and zapping himself in the process. After the residents of Domino were free, Bloom's father and Owen would explain that Roll was in fact Bloom's cousin and a mage knight. Oritel and Owen both asked Roll to stay, but he declined, returning to Earth soon after, not happy about just being blindsided like this.

He had to explain to his adopted parents Garret and May about the entire magic dimension, which even for Roll still confused him. The two parents were a little shocked and sort of believed it at all, but it wasn't until Mike and Vanessa paid a visit to give them the skinny that it truly sank in. After this, his adopted parents were accepting of the truth since it made sense with how Roll appeared. Bloom in the meantime, managed to get Roll enrolled at Red Fountain, though the boy protested against this since since this is what Bloom wanted and she didn't bother to ask what he wanted. In the end Rollwas made to go since everyone through it was good for him.  

That next school semester, Roll joined Red fountain to train and living with Sky and the others in their dorm. Things did not go smoothly due to the prejudice the young man encountered since he was a mage knight and he wasn't given the proper training or any training at all for that matter. He even tried to get in touch with Bloom to tell her of all of this since she said she'd be there for him, but each time he got blown off by her. Things would continued to get worse for him as time went on, failing all his class due to the prejudice. When the wizards appeared, Nabu offered to help Roll learn how to use his abilities during his off time since he spent a fair bit of time on Earth as it was. Roll agreed, but that decision turned sour when Sky used him as canon fodder against the wizards and the young man would return to Red Fountain, having himself transferred to another dorm, which no one was in.

After the defeat of the wizards, Roll's training would continue to be further stalled and would even fail that school year. During the next school year, he redoubled his efforts to try and pass, while he kept his nose out of the other specialist's business with the Winx and the Trix. This school year did not go well for his studies nor with him discovering anything about his powers. Any missions he was assigned to with other red fountain students were contentious and went as well as one would expect. Of course he failed that school year as well and was held back again. Now with the entire Legendarium incident, Roll is trying harder then ever to learn, even looking for books to help him learn about his own abilities, but at the same time, events like the prejudice he has to endure have made him cynical and he's not even caring about what ultimately happens to Magix as a whole. He also cares very little for his birth family, not wanting to be part of it. All he wants is to have a normal life, to actually pass a school year and make some friends who see him for just being him and not the thing he is.

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