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Lena Frazier

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Lena Frazier

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:30 am

Name: Lena Frazier

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Planet of Origin: Zenithian

Morality and Personal leanings: Lawful Neutral

Power type: Electricity

Appearance: Lena has long blonde hair that she braids down the middle with natural purple bangs and baby blue eyes. she has a soft tan to her skin tone and is 5'8. She casually wears crop tops that are white and purple with matching skirts on daily bases and is warn either worn with heels or flats. Her fairy form her wings are silver and white, with swirly patterns on them. She has a top that covers her shoulders and extends to her wrists and is dark purple, along with a match skirt and matching part of boots. Her in this form is free flowing and she has beret in her hair that is a lighting bolt.  

Spells: Electric Aura: For half a minutes Lena can engulf herself in an aura of Electricity, using it to absorb one medium level spell. Level: Medium

Discharge: This spell allows Lena to zap low levels electricity at her foes, causing minimal damage, but stunning them for 10 seconds. Low

Electrified Healing: Lena charges electricity and spreads it in one's body to help with cell regeneration, for up to a minutes. This spell uses her own electrical energy and it can take a toll on her to the point of leaving her in a weakened state. Level: High

Buzz buzz hum hum: Using a soft electrical buzzing, Lena lulls her foes to sleep for 30 seconds. medium

Strengths: Lena is all around good with technology, being a hacker and inventor. She excels in the sciences due to her interests in them and she has a very sharp memory.

Weaknesses: She's incredibly weak against water magic users, taking more damage from their attacks. She's really bad at gardening and any nature related subjects. Her judgemental side blinds her to seeing that people are not what they appear to be at first. Her recklessness tends to lead her into trouble.

Personality: Lena is a very cheeky and quirky person who loves to talk a lot and doesn't know when to stop or when to shut up, droning on about her inventions or school subjects. She's a bold and brave person who knows no limits and loves danger, even if it could most likely kill her, even if it's protecting a friend. She is very impatient and bossy, always liking things to go her way and hates waiting more than five minutes for anything. She goes for whatever she wants and doesn't like being told no or it's impossible. Extremely possessive of her stuff, and judgmental of others. Those she considers friends will be cared about deeply and she'll do what it takes to help them out or get them out of danger.


Lena was born and raised on Zenith to a Noble family. From the young age of six, she would attend a prep school for girls. While her parents adored her, they had very limited time due to the type of work they were involved in. This constantly being ignore pushed Lena into being a busybee at school, where she would talk no stop to anyone who would listen. This behavior however did not go unnoticed the one person in charge of taking care of the little girl. This would be the girl's caretaker Rachel, who tried her best to counter this behavior, but had very little luck. Due to Lena's nature of being judgemental on people, she saw this woman as below her and had no right to say how she acted socially.

Over the years at school, until the age of 13, Lena became the center of attention, always the popular girl and never cared much about her grades and engaging in risky behaviors every so often. Her main concern was keeping her rather high social standings with her peers and keeping herself as pretty as possible. Eventually one day after she returns from school, Rachel let Lena have it in an all out lecture, about how her grades were slipping and if it kept up, she'd be nothing but someone who wasted their potential. The woman would ground Lena, wanting to take away her phone and laptop as punishment This conversation aggravated Lena so much due to her possessiveness she had for her items and in turn caused such anger that she transformed into her fairy form in a large explosive burst of electricity.

Rachel unfortunately was caught in this blast and collapses to the floor. Staring in horror at what she had done, she quickly calls an emergency number, then her parents. At the hospital, her parents came to check on Rachel, who they learn would make a full recovery. Lena apologized several times to her and while she didn't mention it, decided that she would do better in school and focus on things she loved, not just on trying to be a social bee like she was. Her parents decided it would behoove them to rearrange their work times to be with their daughter more since they felt they were the cause for this.

Over the next several years, Lena's circle of friends shrank due to her being no longer a social butterfly, but that didn't stop her from being a chatterbox. She came to love science and started to invent things, including a set of bracelets that could store her magical energy for emergency use later. During this time, she learned to hack and would also hone her magical abilities to the best of her abilities. At the age of 18, she felt her prep school wasn't doing enough to help her with the use of her abilities, so she began to look for a new school. She soon finds Alfea, but finds that it was too late to register. Well, too late for a normal person, she would hack their system and add her name to the registry. Once done, Lena told her parents her plans to go to Alfea and without letting them protest, she goes to pack, being unable to wait for her next adventure.

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