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Katherine "Kat" Hardstones (massive rework to be done to make her passable)

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Katherine "Kat" Hardstones (massive rework to be done to make her passable)

Post by zerowing21 on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:11 pm

Name:Katherine "Kat" Hardstones.


Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Photonian

Moral leaning: True Neutral

Magic power: Light and Darkness


Photokinetic Combat: Katherine can fuse light and physical combat. She uses the power of light to increase the power of her physical attacks. Level Medium.

Photokinetic  Healing: Katherine can heal injuries even severe ones.Level High.

Invisibility: Katherine can become invisible in light areas for a short time ( 3 min max). Level Medium

Shadow Manipulation: Katherine can manipulate shadows like Morphix but there must be a source of shadow and she can't manipulate people's shadows or large buildings shadows. Level Low

Psychic link: Katherine can be in contact with other people's mind due to the curse of Lorelei. Level Medium.

Photokinetic Shield: Katherine generates a shield made of light to protect herself or others from attacks. Level Medium.

Photokentic Diamonds: Katherine attacks enemies or opponent by creating beams out of her hands to hit the opponent. Level Medium

Katherine is a very attractive,strikingly and beautiful young woman with brown curly hair and deep brown eyes with dark thick lashes and is 5'9. She has an oval shaped face with fine bone structure and large almond-shaped brown eyes. She doesn't use a lot of makeup apart from smokey eyes and glossed lips, her beautiful face shows off her natural beauty.
She is slender and graceful, and wears fashionable and feminine attire. Katherine's bold personality is reflected in her confident stance.

Civilian Outfit:
She wears a gray T shirt with a black and white unbuttoned checkered flannel on top with dark blue denim shorts and black ankle length boots. Her hair is now stylishly wavy, that goes all the way to her mid-back and has dark red streaks in it.

Basic Fairy outfit:
In this form, she wears a pair of over the knees length black high heel boots with a short black top and black short shorts with sparkles on them. Her hair is straight and partly pulled-back.

Katherine is great in physical combats and acrobatics. She has great survival skills, she is also very intelligent.

Katherine is weakened by the Light Ruby Absorber which also weakens her spells. She is also weak against fire spells. Her jealousy of others often gets the best of her.

Katherine puts on a mask to not show her hurt,sad and emotional side. She thinks that she must be and look strong to survive. She wants to be seen as the perfect girl.

To her enemies and people she doesn't like,Katherine is reckless and sometimes manipulative when it comes to getting what she wants. Her fearless nature helps her to intimidate her enemies.

Despite her malicious behavior toward others, she can make people feel very special, and is known by her close friends to have a sweet, caring, decent and protective side. She always reveal her true face to them because she trusts them.

Katherine is a perfectionist, she wants everything to be in order or she'll feel like everything will come crashing down on her. She's adventurous, she loves to travel and to do adventures such as camping and sight seeing.

Katherine is the daughter of King Silas and Queen Serenity, the rulers of Photon.
When Katherine was born a witch named Lorelei put a curse on the child, saying that while having the power of light, she will also have the power of darkness which will take control over her when she becomes a true fairy, since that day, the curse was called the prophecy of Emission.The prophecy says:" When the girl becomes a true fairy, her heart will be filled with darkness and the light of the universe will be put out, the new era of Darkness will then begin" Katherine's photokenisis powers will merge with Lorelei's dark powers obtaining the ultimate power of light and darkness.

When Katherine was 15 years old, her parents told her about the curse, she fled one night to try and find a way to break the curse. Due to the curse Katherine has both the power of Photokinesis and Darkness. One day, Katherine found out that the witch cast the curse on her because she had extraordinary powers who weren't fully awakened, so if the prophecy happens, Lorelei will be able to take control over Katherine's body for good.
Though Katherine might seem  invincible, she has a big weakness against the Light Absorber Ruby.

The ruby was created long ago by the great dragon itself. Tough the reason why Katherine is the only one affected by it is still unknown. Katherine first encounter with the ruby was when she tried to enter the lost library of Photon to seek for some answers,she got attacked by Lorelei's minions and they used it against her but luckily she got away.Katherine hopes to attend Alfea to master her powers and  to live with a curse she knows can hurt the people she loves and could be the end for the Magic Dimension but her powers are limited meaning that half her powers have been sealed away when she was little by her parents..

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