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RP Rules

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RP Rules

Post by zerowing21 on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:42 am

Overall, this RP is for those 14 years of age and up. This is a mature rp after all.

1) All characters that are meant to be students will enter the rp as first year students of their respective schools. They can have some experience in combat, using magic etc, but they have to be a first year student. This goes for male students at Red fountain and wizards at their school. It's possible for a student to be kept back and thus count as being a first year student since they are not advancing or beyond that capabilities of the first year. The minimum age that one can enter Alfea or the other schools is 16 years of age.

2) OC characters can not become gods/goddess and can not have powers like the dragon flame or shadow phoenix.

3) No god moding or suing: you can not just say what happens to another oc/rpc/npc and you can't just avoid damage or say an oc has a skill suddenly that they don't. This means you can't suddenly be immune to something at your own convenience. At no time will npc characters be sues, even if they were in the show. If someone gets the better of them, then it happens.

4) If your character is subjected to trauma, please react accordingly to it, be it physical or psychological in a way that your character handles such things. No one is immune to tragedies or bad things that happen to them, not even the winx.

5) Spells for a character continually evolve as time goes on. You can change to a new spell that suits the character better, but time in the rp must pass to do so. This could be because they find they love to use healing, or like to use spell with debuffs, etc.

6) Ocs of course can't be on two planets at once or even on a single planet in two thread at once. They can only be in one thread in a location such as in a dorm at Alfea or in a classroom. Users have to properly post when moving from the area and when they enter the new area.

7) This is common sense, but all OCs, must be originals and not stolen from others. They can be inspired from other sources, but no direct rips either.

8: Please respect users who take a different stance on how they view the npc (canon characters) in the universe. Even a character who is good can have a negative opinion of Bloom, Sky or even Faragonda. It just leads to a different kind of dynamic as well.

9) For a start, users will only be able to use 3 active ocs and later this will be expanded depending on how things go. There isn't a limit to how many ocs you can make, but please do not over extend yourself with characters.

10) Swearing is allowed in the rp, but please do not go over board with this. Just because we give you this right, doesn't mean you should abuse it.

11) While this site is aimed to have a more adult feel to it, we still will not being going beyond certain boundaries.

12) Please make sure that when you make a character that the backstory is believable and that things happening later in plots are so as well. This goes for relationships and several other things.

13) No backstory will have gods/goddess in them and no plot should introduce these either. These type of things tend to conflict greatly with canon lore.

14) Boytoy/girltoy type characters will not be permitted on this site. I know you want a to have your character be with another, but just having one made that doesn't get developed or used much isn't gonna fly here.

15) Same Sex couples are allowed in this rp.

16) If a character dies for any reason, they can not be brought back to life by any conventional means or though some odd way like a ritual. The only ways for someone to return to life is from the Gift of Darkness from the Ethereal fairies or a Sirenix wish.

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