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Autumn Paltan

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Autumn Paltan

Post by zerowing21 on Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:26 pm

Name: Autumn "Dawn" Paltan

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Planet of Origin: Kolvania

Morality: Prime personality: Lawful neutral, secondary personality: Chaotic Evil.

Appearance: Standing at 5'4, Autumn has brown hair with dark green highlights that she has tied in a neat bun. Her neon blue eyes hide behind a pair of wire frame glasses and she normally wears jeans, sneakers and a dark brown shirt, which is normally hidden by a nearly oversized purple turtleneck sweater. Her basic fairy form is a dark green skirt, heels and tops. her wings have a slight dark blue tinge to them.

Power Type: Ice and Light

Spells: Ice Lens: A large lens of ice is created in front of Autumn and only lasts thirty seconds. One hit will destroy it as well. Combined with certain light spells, it will change it into a beam of fiery death. The spell affected by Ice Lens increase in power by 10%. Low.

Photonic silence: A strong haze of light photons covers a foe, muting them for 30 seconds and causing light damage. Medium

Burst of light: A beam of pure light escapes from Autumns hand, blasting the foe with moderate damage and mild burns. This can be combined with Ice lens. Medium

Spike Snowball: Creating two large snowballs with spikes, they charge at the enemy to deal massive damage and induces hypothermia (extreme lose of heat) to the extremities and lasts for forty seconds. High.

Freeze Over: A patch of ground is frozen and when the target lands/walks over it, ice encroaches over their feet, trapping them for 20 seconds. medium

Light orb: Creating up to five orbs, these objects flies at foes, dealing medium damage. Can be used for Ice Lens if all five orbs are used. Medium

Icicle wall: Five icicle pop out of the ground to act as a shield, after four hits the wall is gone. It also lasts a full minute. Medium.

Ice Missiles: Six large missiles of ice are created for short range use (up to 15 meters from the caster) and deals massive damage to anyone within two meters and causes a freezing wind within five meters. High

Strength: Chemistry, since the age of 11, Autumn has studied this and has gotten good at it. She has strong mental fortitude when it comes to non combat situations. Is an expert at creating chain combos for magic spells.

Weakness: She has a fear of combat and usually blacks out when things start getting hairy. Her light spells do 50% less damage in dark areas. When in her altered personality, she has no control over her berserk state, which leads to anyone being a target.

Personality: Autumn is a very gentle soul, who is very respectful of her peers. She likes to encourage others when she can and will try and go out of her way to do things for her friends. She is also rather smart woman, who tries to think of battle plans in advance. However, Autumn likes to send most of her time by herself in her room to conduct chemistry experiments. While she is a gentle soul, this does does not stop her from having a moderate temper and yelling at the person. She has a fear of combat, causing her to have small panic attacks. This also may lead to her alternate personality Dawn, who is cruel to the point of being sadistic, loves to fight without mercy and will rampage if given the chance.

History: Autumn was born on the fifth of May on the planet of Kolvania to her mother birth mother Rachael and her other mother Tiffany. As she was growing up, she never questioned why she had two mothers or asked about who the donor father was. She loved them no matter what and always tried to make them proud. As life went on, Autumn would act just like a normal child, loving to play in the sand, playing with dolls and playing with her friends, while also making the occasional mess and getting grounded. At the age of seven, Tiffany took her to the local science center and instantly the little girl fell in love the idea of science.

From this point on, she would eat up anything that was easy for her to comprehend with the subject. Things however took a turn for the worst when she was nine. A large scale civil war began due to very unpopular noble starting a war over something insane. The main attack focused on Autumn's home town and during the first wave of attacks, the little girl was separated from her parents while on the way to the shelter. Wandering the streets in a panic, the girl wanders into the midst of battle and tries to find some place to hide until it was over due to the fear of the situation.

Unfortunately, a stray darkness spells smashes into a wall near her, enveloping her in a small amount of splash damage from it. This would result in her being knocked out and her mind fragmenting due to the trauma of the event and also due influence of the dark magic that now resided in her. She would wake over week later in the hospital, feeling confused and scared, until her parents ran in to comfort her. They explained what happened after the battle and how a kind witch brought her there and even told her that the doctors wanted to run more tests.

That week in the hospital was a rocky one for Autumn. Another attack would commence outside of it and several of the nobles troubles would burst inside to take control of it. They were going room to room killing patients and staff, until they reached Autumn's room. The girl was trembling in fear when a wizard wielding a dark orb in his hand approaches and girls at her, pointing the spell at his target. At this very point, Autumn blacks out and the new personality, Dawn takes over, implanting the man with ice, before heading down the hall, attacking some civilians and the rest of the enemies in a beserking rage. After there was nothing left in her way, Dawn would retreat and Autumn would wake to see the destruction around her, setting her to freak out and be sent to a more isolated area for care.

The Doctors would soon figure out what happened to the girl and even did what they could to help the family cope. It would take six months until the civil war ended and Autumn and her mothers lives to return to normal. Dawn would pop up from time to time as the girl grew up, she never caused any serious harm to any aside those that tried to her the host. At the age of eleven, Autumn found her love for chemistry and even set up a small lab in her room to try out different kind of mixtures. She would spend more time in her room than with her friends or family, but when she wasn't busy with her experiments, she'd would go out and do things with the few friends she did have.

The next few years remained somewhat normal, until Autumn decided to go at the sixteen Alfea and really wanted to go. Her magical abilities had grown rather slowly during the past few years and she even had her fairy from. Both her mothers were former students of Alfea and thought it would be a great chance for her to grow. With their blessing, Autumn sent in her from and was accepted in.

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