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Xanthe Diamond

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Xanthe Diamond

Post by musasgal on Sun Oct 23, 2016 9:32 pm

Name: Xanthe
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Planet of origin: Magixian
Morality and personal alignment leanings: Nertual
Basic Fairy:
casual formal:
Power type: Photonic Crystal (light user)
Photon Burst: Using her powers, Xanthe creates burst of light that looks like fireworks. Can be used to stun or blind foes for several seconds, low
Mirror's glint: A shield spell that if used right can reflect a minor projectile back at the foe, medium
Lance of Light. Forming the weapon from her light, Xanthe quickly chucks this at her foe causing high amount of damage to the target. Even if not a direct it, there will be splash damage from the shock wave it puts out. High
Light ray snare. This trap type spell, snares a target in a field of light, slowing their movements for several seconds. Medium

Strengths: She's able to throw her voice and thus able to create distractions, she loves the subject of Transfiguration which helps her with outfit changes and diguises, and she has more stamina than most due to her past demonstrations at work.
Weaknesses: Due to her time preforming in small crowds at work, she has a bad case of anxiety which causes hives, and thus makes it a bit harder to open up and she's fails miserably with her potions class, leading her to possible hurting people. She has also a temper problem which can blow if something doesn’t sit right with her.

Personality: Xanthe is a shy girl who is an introvert though of her past indevors of people bullying her verbally. Thus her acting a bit snooty due to her idol statis to cover her shyness. She struggles with teamwork with other people and prefer working alone. She panics when there’s a situation that she can’t handle which her anxiety triggers. Xanthe is a dreamer and day dreams constantly. She is also shy around people which causes her not to talk a lot and doesn’t trust them straight away. She love to cook and takes it up as a hobby. She also loves to serve others, as her goal is to be a waitress in a restaurant. Xanthe has an eye for picking up details that other missed. Xanthe loves to read novels (fantasy and murder-mysteries), cook books and comics. She is helpful to the ones she knows and will do anything for them

History: Xanthe was born and bred in Magix City. She lived there all her life. Her parents owns the local Karaoke Bar, though they hired someone to run it for them. She didn’t have much friends though and usually play super star in front of her mirror in her room. She never had any other siblings to hang out with in her early stages so life was pretty dull. At school, she was verbally bullied for day dreaming in class, thus not trusting and isolating others.
When she got a bit older, she was able to develop her voice, that her parents paid for her to have private lessons with a tutor. Xanthe entered talent competitions from the age of 8, and usually get in the top three, usually third, and first a couple of times. Before her second contest at the age of 10, the Trix’s conquest came to town, sealing everyone in cocoons. Xanthe didn’t escape, and ended up in the cocoon as well. She was confused about what happened when she was released and why the three were being crazy. That was one thing she will never forget, though she wished she was.  One time though, when she was 12, she ended up getting talent spotted. With a bit of hesitation, she agreed. Since then, she traveled over the Magix, produced a good amount of albums and became a sensation. When she's not preforming, writing new songs or touring, she hangs out at the Karaoke Bar with her parents. While she's there, she give room demonstration job at the Karaoke Bar to show how the rooms work and how to treat the room plus guests correctly.

At the age of 15, at one of her last concerts at the time, she raised her hand, and a beam flow upwards. The burst popped like a firework and the crowd was amazed. Her agent was greatly concerned, and wanted to talk to her parents about what just happened. Xanthe had no idea what he was talking about, but went with the flow. During that time back home, she started as a waitress on top of her demonstrations. She fell in love with her new responsibility and made it her goal to become a waitress one day to fall back on when she is ready to retire from the music scene.

The agent talked to her parents, alerting them about her daughter and her newly activated powers. He also suggested to have some time off from music so she can focus on herself and to learn how to control her powers. The agent recommended Alfea, due to the best studying rate, the best teachers, and they produced the best fairies in the whole of the Magix Dimension. After much thought, the parents agreed. They called in the girl and explained everything. Xanthe complied and said would be happy to go there, as long as she comes home for the weekends. Immediately, she posted a video thanking her fans for support, and announcing a 3 year hiatus. During that time, she will use her channel to do updates and vlogs if need be. When the three years are up, she will be back better and ever. That announcement was taken with a good amount of positive feedback, and a lot of messages that the fans can't wait till she returns.

When she hit 16, she packed her backs and left for Alfea.

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Re: Xanthe Diamond

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:03 pm

*stamps approved on forehead*

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