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Snow Everton

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Snow Everton

Post by zerowing21 on Tue Oct 25, 2016 11:01 pm

Name: Snow Everton

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Ethnicity/planet of origin: Dominian

Allegiance: Good, lawful good

Power type: Justice


Energy Shock: A short Psychic energy burst meant to distract, rather than harm a foe. Low

Light's hand: A shield to protect others, rather than one self. Last one minutes and can only take two hits before disappearing, Medium.

Mind grenade. Forming psychic energy in her hands, these orbs are thrown to knock back the foe and doesn't stun, no damage is done either. Medium.

Shinning Justice: A concentrated photonic energy mass that wraps around the users fist for a massive damage close combat attack. High

Mirage Barrier: A shield that can stretch as much as is needed, but as it grows large, this barrier absorbs less damage as it does so and is destroyed easier. Snow has to concentrate to keep this shield up and if she loses it, the barrier falls. This spell also consumes a massive amount of energy so Snow can only use it once per day since there is a good possibility that she could suffering from inhibiting effects if she tries again. High

Solar burst: Building light energy in her hands, Snow throws it into the air, where it explodes, blinding foes in a 10 foot radius for a 40 seconds. Damage is minimal. Medium

Winter warmth: Using very low energy physic pulses, Snow is able to heal her friends for 10% of their damaged health. The spell is very slow acting so it takes time to heal. Low

Psylight kick: Snow unleashes a flurry of kicks upon her foe, doing moderate damage confuses them for 20 seconds. Medium.

Appearance: Snow has pale blue hair that stops at her mid back and with bangs that falls over her right eye and these orbs of hers are a light purple. Her attire is a blue long sleeved blouse, a skirt that stops at her knee caps and flats. Her fairy form is a silver top and skirt with heels and wings.

Strengths: Is experienced with hand to hand combat, has great focus when it comes to studying and is very book smart

Weaknesses: Snow isn't very good with potions, pushes herself to exhaustion if she is working too much and has developed insomnia due being frozen on Domino and the fear of it happening again.

Personality: Snow is a serious student and likes to put everything she has into being the best so she can be a fairy of justice. She can however push herself too much and this leads her to being tired, which thus leads her to being mean and nasty. Outside of her studies, Snow spends time with her friends, but if something excites her, she will get nervous or start biting her nails. This is because Snow works herself up over to over something to the point where this happens. She is very nice to everyone she meets, but she can be a tad bossy if working in groups that she is in charge of. If she's sees chocolate, this will distract her from what she is doing since she loves the sweet.

History: Snow is a young fairy from Domino, who lives in a Coastal town. Ever since a young age, she was inspired by a former fairy of justice and wanted to uphold law and order. When she was only 10, Snow took up archery, and a bit of pottery since she had a knack for being very artistic. She learned about her powers at this time as well. At the age of 14, she was determined to become a body guard for her sister and her sister's new born son, Roland when she was old enough, evening learning hand to hand combat to fill the role she wanted. This was dashed when the ancestral witches struck Domino some months later and everyone was frozen in time for some untold years, thus Snow and the residence of the planet did not age.

After Domino was set free by Bloom, Snow once again set her sights on being a fairy of justice, but with a purpose of protecting Domino and other people in the Magic Dimension. She has not encountered her nephew as of yet, who is now much older than she is, but she hopes that she will someday. She intended to enroll at Alfea so she can learn her place as a justice fairy and maybe do some good. She views Bloom and Daphne as people to train to aspire to be, but she still sees that fairy of justice from so long ago as her role model.

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