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Fan Made Planet/Area Sheet

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Fan Made Planet/Area Sheet

Post by zerowing21 on Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:44 pm

Fan made Planets are important to certain ocs. So here is the form you have to follow. This form can also be used to create a non canon area in a canon realm as a means to give an area its own culture and feel from the rest of the planet, such as a providence or small country.

Description of the planet/area: Tell us what this world looks like, from how many land masses to its oceans. Does this place have any features that stand out.
Brief history: Must tell us when people came here, why they came and what has brought them to where they are in the modern era.
Culture/cultural influences on buildings and local populace: What kind of cultural look or influences has the planet had to give what is has today
Government type: Is it a monarchy, a tyranny, a democracy, constitutional Monarchy, or is the planet divided up into several governments or is it some other form of government not listed here.
Important Cities, locations and Landmark: These are locations that OCs will likely visit during the rp. Do they have any significance and history?
Trading partners/allies: Do they have military pacts with other planets/important trade deals with them.

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