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Transformations, Requirements and More.

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Transformations, Requirements and More.

Post by zerowing21 on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:10 pm

These things are subject to change

Basic Winx: The first fairy form for everyone (including male fairies). This form is quick, but doesn't have many advantages. Most gain this form at age 10 or before, but some who are older need an extra push in a dire situation to unlock it. These fairies may also have some kind of weapon they can use for spells or combat. (Stella is the main example with a staff from season 1 to 3)

Charmix (Possible change and may follow nicks version of it which is basic winx) A temporary power up that gives a power booster. The requirement for this is over coming a shortcoming with ones self. Fairy gains a pin and a bag while in this temp powered state. Eventually this power up will disappear, but the fairy will retain some of the power.

Enchantix: Guardian fairies as they are called. This form is only unlock by sacrificing your life for someone from your planet or putting your life in mortal danger to save your world. Willing yourself, which can't happen in most circumstance will lead to a incomplete version. The fairy will also be able to use the dust from their wings for various things, like curing dark magic, shrinking and more. This form also gives one special spell that is combined with fairy dust.

Believix: A fairy form that requires to have someone believe in magic to get. This form has three sets of wings that allow for various abilities and the more someone believes in the fairy, the more of a power up they get, though it is only for a limit time. The only downside is this form is much slower under water.

Lovix: Users may be able to get this, but not from a gift of destiny. It's a secondary form for beleivix and gives the power of ice to the fairy.

Sophix: Users may be able to get this, but not from a gift of destiny. It's a secondary form for belieivix and allows the user to magical unite with nature.

Harmonix: Gotten from the start of the sirenix quest. This allows for faster under water travel, the use of ocean gates and to be able to breath underwater. You also have a Guardian in a Sirenix box to help you with the quest at hand.

Sirenix: Gotten from completing the Sirenix quest. It has the same advantages as Harmonix, but the user can also access the Infinite ocean. There is a special spell given with this form as well. You will have the Sirenix box and guardian to guide you and if you please destiny, you are given a wish.  

Bloomix: Users can't get this

Mythix: Users can't get this

Butterflix: Saving a fairy animal from mortal danger. Allows one to commune with nature and have it help them. This form allows one to use a special spell to contact nature for help.

Tynix: Becoming a guardian of the ultimate power. Allows for one to go into the mini worlds and speak with fairy animals.

Regarding transformations: While its never stated if its possible for one to go back to a previous transformation in canon, here we will allow it. The process for this is to have the fairy learn a rite in order to change what form they can use. Once this rite is completed within an hour, the fairy can not sleep for four hours after words. This rite to change forms can only be done every three months, so pick your form wisely once you are past a certain stage.

Each form has its own spell set, but it is possible to keep spells from the previous form in the new form. Spells of course can evolve over time, but can only do so within the form you use. A thread will be created at a later time in order to help keep track of spells in each for for each OC. Any special spell that is a perk of a form like Sirenix can not be transferred over to the next form.  

Also, the forms of Harmonix, Sirenix, Butterflix and Tynix are not restricted to fairies and can be used by wizards and males with magical abilities who aren't fairies, thought the latters won't be able to transformer in the same way at all. They must meet the same requirements as the fairies.

Witches forms

Gloomix: The equivalent that Charmix, method to getting unknown

Disenchantix: equivalent of Encahntix, method unknown.

Imperiix: A witch makes a person believe that they are powerful and superior, be it through fear, awe, superiority, a lust for power and more. The more a person near the believes in the witch, the more powerful a temporary boost they will get. We also have a drawing done for what the from can look like using the Trix.

*credit goes to Nanocrystals for this idea and for the drawing demonstration for what the form looks like,*

Dark Sirenix: Stealing a portion of the Sirenix power from a fairy

Dark Witch: Unknown way to achieve it aside time and knowledge.

A version of Butterflix and Tynix for witches will be thought over.

This is a side note, even if the form for a fairy is considered more powerful, a lower form is able to keep up with the others and it's possible to be on par with them. The main example is with Diaspro vs Daphne in season 6. Diaspro fought to a stand still with the sirenix fairy when she is only in basic winx.

Now, it's known that Fairies and Witches magic both work on emotion. Fairies focus on positive, while witches on the negatives. With that said, it is possible to switch over to being the other. The best Examples are Mirta after season 3 going from being a witch to having a fairy form and Lazuli in season 6, who was a fairy of hair and decided to become a witch due to the Trix's influence. You even see her wings disappear. For this rp, the switch is allowed, but constant flip flopping isn't allow and once you've gone beyond say Enchantix/disenchatix, you can not change again.

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