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Zaflore Maharís

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Zaflore Maharís

Post by Hyfnae on Wed Nov 09, 2016 11:24 am

Name: Zaflore Maharís

Age: 17

Gender: Female

What Creature Are You?: Fairy

Race: Earth. (Native country: Netherlands)

Origins: Magic user.

Moral alignment: Neutral

Powers: Stars

High power spells:
Sunburn: Zaflore shoots forth a ray dealing minor light and fire damage but giving the affected target the worst possible case of sunburn. The stronger the sun is shining the stronger the effects of this spell. This spell cannot be used when no star is present (Except within the pillar of light's effect radius). The sunburn makes movement painful and thus sharply reduces dexterity and to a lesser extend strenth. The effect lasts for 1 minute after which the effect slowly subsides to regular non-hindering sunburn during the next minute.

Medium power spells:

Aurora's mending: This spell calls forth the beautiful manifestation of the aurora the envelop one target and heal the target. The target is also protected from darkness for several seconds and has a temporary resistance to light and fire based spells. For the first three seconds after the spell hits its target (the duration in which the healing takes place) the target has a slightly elevated chance to dodge incoming projectiles, both physical and magical as the aurora distorts vision. The target itself is also hampered in the same way to hit someone. The increased dodge change lasts for three seconds. The vision impairment lasts a total of six seconds, where the last three seconds gradually vision increases as the shroud cast by the aurora fades.

Nova: Zaflore emits a brilliant burst of light in a 20ft radius around her dealing some light and fire damage and blinding those facing her for 20 seconds. This ability does not discriminate foe from ally.

Pillar of light: Zaflore conjures a pillar of light illuminating a 30ft radius as if it were day. Temperatures within the pillar, temperatures will rise up to those of a warm sunny day ~25°C. This thing can last for 2 and a half hours or until dismissed but is immobile after casting.

The color of the stars (Mood based spell):
The outcome of this spell is determined by what Zaflore's mood is. Only one effect can be used at any given time.
Red (predominantly angry): Shoots a red ball of fire at the target dealing a fair amount of fire damage and a small chance to ignite flammables on the target (clothing and such)
Yellow (predominantly excited): Shoots a ray of bright yellow light for up to 5 seconds. Does a little light damage but dismisses every illusion it comes across with and reveals invisibility. High level illusion/invisibility is untouched by this spell.
Blue (predominantly scared): Wraps herself in a shield of blue plasma that reduces all incoming damage with 50% for 10 seconds. When touched by an assailant it is burned for a little fire damage.

Low powered spells:
Light: Conjures a floating ball of light that emits both light and warmth. A miniature star if you will. This deals no damage or has any adverse effects for those near it other than providing light and warmth when near it. This spell does break magical darkness granted it’s below high power.

Zaflore is a girl with hazel eyes and long straight auburn hair measuring to approximately halfway her back. She is 173 centimeters long and weighs 61 kilograms. She doesn't particularly stand out because of her beauty but she isn't ugly either. Her nose is just slightly too big to call it beautiful and her eyes are perpetually somewhat pinched. Her regular garments consist out of either a loose fitted skirt with a top or skinny jeans along with a top. Her clothes come in a wide array of bright colors but never anything dark. When transformed her clothes are predominantly yellow/golden and depending on which stage of transformation she's in the yellow/golden colors are trimmed with white/silver.

Image made by Musagal

Image made by Musagal

Knowlegde: Zaflore has extensive interest in the physical workings of the cosmos and most prevalent the workings of a star (the nuclear fission part and stuff like that)

Magical item aptitude: Zaflore has an innate talent and interest in the workings and function of magical items.

Let the light burn!: Zaflore has partial resistance to light and fire based spells.

Business woman: Zaflore has enhanced insight in the economical functioning of realms and insight in how to run businesses.

No transformations!: Coming from earth and not having been in contact with any magical beings, transformations are perhaps the hardest to fathom for Zaflore. On earth a creature was as a creature was making it had to understand how this specific school of magic works for her. this inevitable leads to bad results during the transformation classes at Alfea and leads to her having severe difficulties identifying the presence of such spell. (This applies to the specific school of magic thought by Professor Wisgiz "Metamorphosimbiosis")

Stubborn: When she reasons a logical decision she won't budge and it will happen as she thinks is best. Logic is infallible and even if some feelings have to be hurt, so be it. This can lead to inter-personal conflict making dealing with her somewhat difficult at times.

Hate the darkness: the less light present the weaker her spellcasting, rendering her nearly useless when no illumination is present. This also makes her queasy in dark and dim environments. She is also vulnerable to dark typed spells. (Her spellcasting remains normal under a clear or nearly clear, star filled nocturnal light. Light pollution obstructing vision of stars or anything obscuring the stars will render her spellcasting weaker)

Anger fueled: During battle Zaflore tends to let anger get the better off her when getting damage or being involuntary involved in a fight. This will severely impede tactical decisions and make her reckless.

Zaflore is a generally timid girl with an apprehensive disposition towards strangers. She is especially wary of people who are physically stronger than her due to the torment her brother bestowed upon her. She has some trust issues with authority figures as many let years of bullying happen under their noses, though she respects them still and will put her faith in them to correctly handle any given situation.

Zaflore is a studious girl. Her subjects of excellence are math, physics and economics. She has an especially keen sense for business and finance related things though she hasn’t quite figured out how she wishes to employ these skills, especially since the magical dimension is completely unknown to her.

Zaflore prefers indoor activities more than outdoor activities though she has no particular disdain of outdoor activities granted they take place during the day. She likes reading, watching movies and working on personal pet projects that usually coincide with her studies. This causes her to be rather lonely as well, a remnant from the things she had to go through before finding out about her powers. It made her highly self-sufficient but also hard to deal with as she has a suborn streak, a general unwillingness to make concessions and a very low threshold for watching people do things the wrong way in Zaf’s opinion, whether she’s right or not.

She is deadly afraid of the dark and will become absolutely unruly when fear takes the wheel. She might randomly erupt in casting uncontrolled spells and even get a full-fledged panic attack when the situation is especially dire. Zaf’s other side is that if she gets angry, she’ll become a right fury. She’ll be reckless as well as fierce, making up what she lacks in strength with pure insanity. Usually when she enters this state it only ends when either the situation that caused it is resolved, or she herself is knocked out. Same goes for the fear.

Zaflore is a little bit of a hoarder, always finding herself short of space to place all her belongings and having a hard time to part with them. She doesn't collect junk or useless stuff, it's mostly books and movies she's keen on collecting. She does have a slight tendency to create a clutter and isn't a very orderly person in general.

Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, pet projects (usually scientific, even when magic is involved)
Likes: The sun, Solaria <3<3(Or at least she will as soon as she hears about the place), learning new things, collecting.
Dislikes: Chaos, darkness, inefficiency/inadequacy.

Zaflore was born February the tenth under the waterman constellation. Her parents proud of their first born daughter to make the life of their dreams complete. Her early childhood until she went to kindergarten was pretty much uneventful except that she began to develop quite a bad case of nyctophobia causing some distress. This was rather easily solved by letting her sleep with the lights on.

No one thought anything about her fear of darkness until one faithful day at kindergarten. In theme with the impending Halloween celebrations, however minor they are in the Netherlands, The teacher had the idea to darken the classroom.  The second the light switched off Zaflore suffered a massive panic fit. Now that her fear seemed so severe the parents decided to consult a psychiatrist to help Zaflore overcome her dread for darkness.

Slowly but steadily, yet not completely, Zaflore became more at ease in the darkness. Still uncomfortable compared to most people but it was acceptable. The parents noticed another odd thing about Zaflore once they managed to get her outside for once during the darkness. Under the sky filled with stars her eyes grew so big they resembled dishes.  Trying to make her see the beauty of darkness the parents tried it more often to get her in the backyard during night time, but the only times Zaflore would come out was when stars lit the sky.

Both parents and the psychiatrist they had been consulting about the matter were clueless as to why Zaflore would only go out at night under such specific conditions but they brushed it off. They noticed she took a special interests in the stars and purchased a telescope so Zaflore had the opportunity to watch the stars and planets up close.

Zaflore’s family was a dysfunctional one at best. Her mother Joyce and her father Mark both sank almost all of their time into work. Her mother worked as a high end international stock broker for a big bank while her father spent many hours at the hospital where he was in charge of the emergency room as a doctor. While not at school Zaflore was often subject to her borderline psychopath brother Marvin who took every opportunity to demean her. Often attacking her fear of darkness or making sure she wouldn’t forget he was her physical superior. The babysitters often didn’t care for Zaflore’s pleads and the fact her brother was smart enough to cover his tracks deftly made her powerless to break this cycle.

The fear Zaflore suffered didn't go unnoticed to her classmates, especially not after her fit of panic in the darkened classroom and she was perpetually ridiculed for it. Amongst other things they turned off the lights when she was using the bathrooms at school, or simply called her names when on the playground. Ridiculed for something she felt she started to doubt herself and became gradually insecure and uninterested in any form of social contact with her classmates. Which also caused plenty of concern amongst Zaflore's teachers over the years.

Bad as her social skills were, her grades were good, very good even.  She was intelligent and eager to learn what beauty the world had to offer.  Much of her primary school time went on like this. Her fear of darkness diminishing from sheer terror into some queasiness but as her fears diminished the ridicule and bullying of her classmates didn't. Although the subject of harass did change from her being scared of the dark to her being a nerd.

Instead of fighting the image of a nerd, she embraced it and with some renewed vigor she went on to middle school. With her composure now set in stone, or in ice depending who you'd ask, she was no longer the subject of constant harass. Neither did she get an awful lot of friends. She still focused mostly on her studies. There was however one other girl, Shy and very timid who was the subject of the class' harass, similar as what she had to endure during primary school. It didn't take long for them to become friends and she was the only one in the entire class who got to meet the nice and warm Zaflore rather than naught but a cold exterior.

Now Zaflore is 15 and with one friend, her first and only friend so far they decided to go to a haunted house for Halloween. Zaflore had never told her friend about the nasty mark Halloween left on her but since the darkness only made her uneasy she figured it could do little harm to go.  Little did she know this evening would be the turning point in her life.

Once at the haunted house most of the stuff was generic and somewhat boring. But eventually Zaflore and her friend ended up in a room completely dark. Nothing but pitch black surrounding them and complete and utter silence. Then out of nowhere a screech sounded. Zaflore lost it and screamed murder and the instance she screamed a radiant burst of light emerged from her, blinding and slightly burning her friend (Similar to a sunburn, nothing too severe but annoying still) and blinding the scare actor(Nova spell).

Zaflore ran home scared of what had happened, concerned about her friend but too scared to inquire whether she was okay or not. Confused about what just had happened. Did she caused this? Did she just burst into light and... Everything and nothing raced through her mind to the point nothing materialized in her head and it all congealed into one another.

With the first manifestation of powers only at age fifteen her powers are still frail and weak. But since she enrolled in the Alfea school for fairies she makes steady improvements towards her becoming a true fairy of the stars.

Her personal disposition also seemed to brighten up a little coming to Alfea, finally knowing her interests and her fear of darkness all made sense. The magic of the stars had always been inside of her, but deserted her during the darkest of times which caused a deep innate fear. No longer mocked for who she was, but encouraged to be who she truly is she slowly opens up slightly more by each passing month.

Still, however she is accepted for who she is now, the many years of mockery and lack of a real social circle left their mark on her, still making her wary of those around her and Zaflore hiding behind the walls she put up.

Zaflore's themesong!

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Re: Zaflore Maharís

Post by zerowing21 on Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:29 pm

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