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Gems, their elements and over view

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Gems, their elements and over view

Post by zerowing21 on Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:07 pm

Gem fairies use certain gems to power their spells and each gem represents a different kind of element. Shapeshifting, Transfusion, metal bending and combo powers have no gem equal and you can not combine gems to produce powers like moon or stars.

Ruby: Fire
Sapphire: Water
Kuzinite: Sound
Peridot: Earth
Aquamarine: Ice
Brown Jade: Nature
Opal: Wind
Topza: Technology
Oynx: Darkness
Rose Quartz: Love
Moonstone: Light
Obsidian: Illusion
Ammolite: Art
Ametrine: Laser
Moldavite: Toys
Amethyst: Psychic
Apatite: Electricity
Aventurine: Animal
Beryl: Curse/jinx
Pietersite: Poison/toxic
Fluorite: Food
Hiddenite: Hair

Those who use Gems, can use a maximum of three, but power is reduced to 33% damage at max. During combat, it takes a full round (10 seconds) to switch between gems. Attacks and shields of the literal gems can be used, but they'd be considered non elemental damage. If the wielder of the gem wishes, they can destroy it to create a large scale fierce damage attack made of shards of the gem. However, this will cost said user with a drop in their spell damage for a time. Also any small chunk of the gem left over can be salvaged, but are utterly useless.

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