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Advanced power guide.

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Advanced power guide.

Post by Hyfnae on Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:06 pm

Advanced power guide.

In addition to the base powers as listed above, they can develop to become stronger versions when a character advances with transformations. Characters will not be able to gain access to the advanced uses of their power until the first FULL transformation after Enchantix. Perhaps best way to clarify how it works is with an example.

A character with the base power of ‘fire’ could develop towards ‘plasma’ (A very concentrated form of fire if you will. Much higher temperatures and generally more controlled, but at the same time more destructive). Plasma isn’t exclusively tied to the fire power. Electricity, technology and star characters could also gain access to plasma spells upon reaching higher tier transformations.

If one with a combo-power (Like Star, which is light + fire) wants to make use of the advance power class, a choice must be made which advanced power trait to take.

-A trait can only be chosen once and cannot be chanced once picked.
-A trait need not to be chosen. If you want to take your own route developing your spellkit and fighting style that's perfectly fine. The tuning of your spell's power will be taken into account to be on-par with those choosing to take a path along the advanced power route. (You will not be weaker if not taking one of these traits, your power will simply lay elsewhere.)
-Not every trait can be taken with any given power base. Below is a list which powers allow which traits. Combo-powers may pick any trait covered by the base powers that make up the combination.
-Picking a trait with a power categorized in the 'wildcard group' will be at the RP mod's discretion.

List of advanced powers:
“Void group”
Void: Users who have the void trait enhance their spells by changing their appearance, making them harder to see, dodge, and identify. Effects from void enhanced spells take twice as long to dispel as normal spells. (2 rounds instead of 1)

“Plasma group”
Plasma: Users who have the plasma trait enhance their spell by exciting it. The spell becomes more energetic and will ignore 25% of all damage reductions. Plasma spells also have a very destructive effect on any solid matter it encounters. However, plasma spells cost more energy to cast thus exhausting the user more quickly than normal spellcasting would.

“Synthesis group”
Synthesis: Users who have the Synthesis trait enhance their spells by adding sheer quantity to it. Anything conjured appears in larger quantities and users are able to affect a larger amount of matter if they want to transmute it into something else. Physical shields created by users with this trait last for 50% longer. (Be it numbers of hits it can take or duration)

“Sapping group”
Sapping: Users who have the sapping trait enhance their spells by drawing on energy near them. The more magical effects active in their immediate surroundings (15ft radius) the less energy they have to expend to cast their spells. At the beginning of each combat a sapping user may target a single person. Any non-damaging spells will only be half as effective as they would usually be. This is regardless whether the source of hostile or friendly. Activating this effect takes 1 round (10 seconds).

“Wildcard group”
-Toys: Depending on the thematic constructed by the user Toys could fall within any of the groups.
-Art: See explanation toys
-Gems: Dependent on which elements the two chosen gems represent.
-Transfusion: Dependent on which two elements are chosen upon creation
-Weather: Dependent on the kind of weather and user's spells.


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