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Vivian Faera

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Vivian Faera

Post by Hyfnae on Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:59 pm

Name: Vivian Faera
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Planet of origin: Pyros (Hometown: Veravodhín [Ve’ra·vō’dín])
Morality and personal alignment leanings: Chaotic good
Power type: Fire & Electricity (Flying howitzer)

High power:

Lightning charged fireball: After a short windup Vivian releases a massive slow moving fireball crackling with lighting.
Hitting a living target: The blast will erupt in a massive fiery explosion with bright flashes of lighting and dealing massive fire and electricity damage in a 30ft radius. (50% fire, 50% electricity damage)
Hitting non-living target: The blast will erupt in a massive fiery explosion with bright flashes of lighting. Any flammables will ignite, metal will glow and become impossible to touch for several minutes or even warp due to the heat.
Vivian’s hands will be singed from the sheer energy of the spell, inhibiting her from casting this spell again for at least eight hours.

Medium power:
Mark of fire: A small bolt of electricity traveling in a line dissipating upon hitting the first target it encounters. It travels relatively slowly. It only damages the initial target for a small amount of electricity damage, but it applies a mark on fire on the initial target and up to two more within 10ft. When hit with a fire spell other than mark of thunder, the mark of fire is consumed and emits a 5ft radius blast dealing fire damage emanating from the marked target, knocking everything out of the blast zone except the initial target on who the blast was centered. (The spell triggering this effect does not have to be one of Vivian’s)

Mark of thunder: A small bolt of fire traveling in a line dissipating upon hitting the first target it encounters. It travels relatively slowly. It only damages the initial target for a small amount of fire damage, but it applies the mark of thunder on the initial target as well as up to two more targets within a 10ft radius of the initial target. When hit with an electricity spell other than mark of fire, the mark is consumed dealing electricity damage. The more marks are consumed in total, the more electricity damage each affected target takes. (The spell triggering this effect does not have to be one of Vivian’s)

Fiery flaks: Releasing a string of small fiery projectiles that rain down in a designated 15ft radius for 10 seconds. Each flak only deals a small amount of damage but due to the sheer amount of projectiles dropped this might add up if one fails to move out of the area in a timely fashion.

Homing missile: Requires the target to have the mark of fire as well as the mark of thunder. This bolt moves slowly but it actively chases the target for up to thirty seconds before dissipating. Upon impact this will deal a fierce amount of fire and electricity damage and consumes both marks without activating their secondary effects.

Electrical infusion: The next spell cast will deal additional electricity damage. This spell triggers the mark of thunder even if the enhanced spell does not deal electricity damage originally.

Low power:
Cracklepoof: A small single target, slow moving projectile that deals some fire and electricity damage upon impact. This spell cannot trigger any marks.

Torrents of magic: Due to handling high energy spells Vivian is able to cope with slightly bigger torrents of magic than most of her peers, often causing her to be the last one to deplete of energy when strained to the max.

Oversight: Due to her position when fighting in a group she is usually the one with the best oversight of the entire battlefield. She’s good at coordinating with others to land her spells in the most helpful places and avoids hitting allies with area of effect spells.

It comes natural: Unlike most who acquire ability through diligent studying, Vivian learns by doing. Despite her low attention span for theoretical stuff, when exercising be it with spells or physically she can go on for hours without faltering and has great aptitude for the practical purposes of her power.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder: Vivian has a rather low attention span and isn’t one to be cooped up in a classroom all the time, leading to lower grades in theoretical subjects.

Authority issues: Despite not being an inherent trouble maker and meaning well most of the times, when someone tells her what she must do, it will be met with resistance, regardless who it is that tells her to do something. This leads to (a lot of) friction between her teachers and even her friends.

Demanding: it’s very hard for Vivian to reach a compromise, even among friends. When having to concede on something with people she doesn’t consider friends it become nigh impossible to the point where she can throw an actual tantrum of her demands aren’t met.

Vivian has a rather short statue, barely 1 meters and 50 centimeters tall (4'11''). She is slightly plump and combined with a very rounded face it makes her appear somewhat puffy. She has bright blue eyes. Her hair is naturally red/orange (leaning towards ginger), reaching to just above her shoulders. She has some freckles in her face combined with a generally somewhat pale skin tone. Her hair is usually styled in an unruly fashion, though never sloppy. Her regular garments are of the same nature as her hair, unruly yet never sloppy, resembling some influence from the rave and punk cultures in her everyday garb. Her fairy form is a whole different matter. She wears a red, yet shimmering bodysuit that shifts color as if resembling a living flame periodically, cutting off halfway her thighs and halfway her upper arms. Brilliant wings made of fiery flames and crackling lighting span up to two meters wide.

All hail Chrissie for the image! (Musagal)

Vivian is a rather outgoing girl and about as energetic as they come. She loves to be the center of attention which results in her loving to perform. She loves to dance and is somewhat good at it, she likes to sing and do comedy. Often the three intertwine resulting in a strange mix of singing, dancing interlaced with comedy. She has a hard time taking herself, or anything at all seriously and fares especially bad when people tell her what to do. Subservience isn’t her strong suit. Never was, never will be. She’s a mediocre student when it comes to performance inside the classroom. Out of the classroom however is a different story entirely, excelling on the physical aspects of life like sports and the raw power of her magic. She’s a social person and likes to be together with friends, but never just sitting around. She always wants to be active and gets skittish when she can’t. She even resists giving into friends when they want to do something of a more passive nature for a change, causing for strained relationships sometimes or even broken friendships when she’s especially unyielding. Some of her friends sarcastically nicknamed her “princess” because of this particular trait, because she’s known to throw a tantrum if things don’t go the way she likes. She is a big fan of finding stuff out via the trial and error method, learning by doing rather than research. She is a competitive person by nature, but not to a fault. Defeat is merely an opportunity to train harder and be better next time.

Exercising (Both physically and with her magic)
Performing (Dance, Singing and Comedy) (Neither particularly stellar but she’s adept)
Walking/flying around randomly and pretty much seeing wherever it takes her. (Due to poor planning and a worse attention span this sometimes results in her getting lost, especially if she goes walkabout in unfamiliar territory)
Likes: Music(Happy hardcore and hardstyle being her favorite genres), singing, dancing, performing in general (whether she’s good at it or not), Exercising and doing activities with friends (with emphasis on the active part)
Dislikes: Studying, sitting still, reading, being told what to do or how to act, silence and unfairness.

Vivian grew up in the city of Veravodhín, a moderately sized city in the habitable part of pyros. Her family wasn’t among the rich as her father worked in the mines and before Vivian was born, her mother had been a saleswoman in an electronics store. Neither of the two had any higher education than high school. Vivian had one little sister growing up named Navi. As of an early age it was clear Vivian wasn’t one to sit still and do nothing. Getting her to do was an ordeal for her parents and sometimes completely drained them of energy. Bedtimes were by far the worst, which was met with heavy resistance, temper tantrums and when she reached the age of eight, she straight up set fire to her bed and short circuited every electronic device in her room, rendering them useless during one such tantrums. From that point it was clear that despite her general unruliness she was talented in the art of magic.

In school it was much the same as home. When in the classroom everything the teacher told her to do was met with resistance, disobedience and in the worst cases a tantrum, leading to small fires inside the classroom or electronic devices fried. She never had issues making friends. Many people in her classroom enjoyed the temper tantrums and saw it as a source of entertainment. Outside the classroom on the playground or during gym classes Vivian felt at place. Highly competitive and striving to be the best, she seemed to possess a nigh undepletable amount of energy.

During middle school, after finishing her elementary education (probably to great relief of her teachers) she went to the magical middle school. This middle school taught her the basics of how to control the magical power she was possessed.

Around this time it was her little sister that started to show magical aptitude as well. She controlled the power of electricity and did so in a manner that even impressed some adults. Vivian and her sister Navi were as different as the night is from day. Where Vivian was always present, talkative and active, Navi enjoyed rest, reading and was at the top of her class with grades, except for gym class where she perpetually failed. It seemed where Vivian had received all the physical virtue, Navi had the mental virtues.

The relationship between the two was at the best of times uneasy. Both training with their magic, the methods differed as vastly as their personalities did. While Navi diligently studied and learned a great amount of control, Vivian went out to push herself to do grander things and test the outer most limits of her capacity. Forcing the torrents of energy coursing through her veins to bend to her whim by sheer force of will rather than skill. Somehow, this method worked for Vivian as her capabilities exceed that of most, if not all her peers.

However great her magical capabilities, school was still a massive issue as it had always been. Whether it were teachers or classmates telling her how to do stuff better, Vivian wouldn’t hear it. The trusted trial and error method was still the best for any and all situations in her opinion. And at some point, she managed to graduate after a couple of tumultuous years attending the magical middle school. The name Alfea was dropped more than once in the final year before graduating, and learning to harness her powers to fight for what was good seemed like a nice career path to follow, anything to get out of studying. When she first expressed she wanted to go there, her guidance counselor at school was skeptical. He told Vivian more than once that at Alfea, study is as important as talent with magic. Of course as with everything, Vivian wouldn’t hear of it and just signed herself up with her parent’s consent after a few well-placed half-truths that the guidance counselor found her magically talented and this would be the best place for her to expand on her magical capabilities.

Drained of energy after a psychological tug-of-war that started right about the time Vivian could talk, the parents were more than glad to sign off on it. At this time her sister Navi had already elevated her own powers to a degree of control that was unfathomable for Vivian, but one thing she knew for sure. As long as she kept training, her magic would always be the strongest, if not the most controlled.

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Re: Vivian Faera

Post by zerowing21 on Wed Oct 19, 2016 1:08 pm

*stamps approved*

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