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Post by Narrator on Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:23 am

Name: Luna Octave

Age: (5.236) Is 23 Unfrozne

Gender: Female

Planet of origin Melodian

Morality: Lawful good

Apperence: Luna has purple eyes with tyrian purple hair that is shoulder lenght and bangs covering her eyes. She normally wears pink leather armor with a music note on the chest piece and outside that, a brown tunic. She has a short sword and an lyre made of steel.

Power Type: Transfusion Sound and Nature

Steaming melody: Luna plays her lyre and notes stream out from, causing massive sound damage to anyone who is unfortunate to get in the way. May cause deafening for a minute. High

Peapod spitter:
Luna manages to summon three small plants that fire peas and other small plant like objects at high speeds at the enemy. May cause confusion for 30 seconds. Medium

Pollen haze: Luna drives her sword into the ground and a fog of Pollen flies into the air, causing minor poison damage for those that breath it in in a 20 foot radius for over 30 seconds. Medium.

Sonic pressure: Using the lyre, Luna unleashes a wave of sound magic, that increases pressure in a maximum 20 foot cone like area and may inflict minor damage and induce headaches and nausea which lasts only 10 seconds.

Combat maneuvers:
Spade whack: Whacks a target with the back of her spade, stunning them for 10 seconds. This may deliver one of her other spells from point blank range upon impact. (Medium)

Crescent wave: With the curved blade she can slice thrice in rapid succession. This ability can be used both offensively to rapidly strike at an opponent, as well as to defend against incoming projectiles. (Medium)

Luna is fierce, and Luna is strong. Trained in both the conventional way of transfusion magic as well as the now extinct Soltek method. She is very adapt with two kinds of weapons, Either a spade, or a crescent curved blade. Other than that, Luna knows what happened to the transfusionists, this is part of what drives her, she will want to see transfusionists restored. When teaching she’ll be tough and she will let you hurt yourself to teach lessons, but she’s also fair, supportive and knows the limits of tough love. She is also adaptable to strange environments and has an almost fatalistic attitude at times. This makes her also prone to being gloomy and moody at times, sometimes even slightly unmotivated.

Outside of being a warrior and training for one there is little else to Luna, forced into a life she didn’t want and awakened in a completely different world than were she leaves, she’s about as oblivious on current matters as one can possibly be. Any kind of technology will be completely alien to her, as well as the current ways of using magic, since they weren’t around back when she was growing up. A healthy dose of curiosity and bravery might see that changed quickly enough though.

Five millennia ago, when tranfusionists still roamed the magical dimension Luna was born on the realm of melody. Her family were farmers in an island just off the mainland. The island was located just if the migratory roots of some wales, who’d visit the island twice a year, once going, once coming back from their migration. From the moment she was born it was tradition the parents would take Luna to pick nick and watch the wales, which Luna absolutely loved.

Life was simple, though the labor was hard at times. The calloused hands of her father always felt rough, though kind and gentle he was. From a young age she helped her parents with jobs on the field, helping by planting, watering and other minor things. Her favorite work was to rake the flower perks, or work with small metallic objects. Each time she pieced the earth, she could feel herself resonate with the other forms of life on a profound level.

Infatuated with the feeling, her fervor for gardening seemed to get a little of hand sometime, being detrimental to her productivity in any other aspects. It was her father who noticed it as first. The obsession, the compulsion, he knew. His daughter Luna, was a transfusionist, and it probably had something to do with her gardening. It was then he noticed the vegetable garden as well. The plants were weeks ahead of what they should be, and the yield looked promising as well.

Concerning reports were coming in from other realms, spread by word of mouth. Transfusionists went nuts was said. Killed thousands. Others argues it was the other way around, thousands of transfusionists dead. Melody had not been affected yet. Melody was affected. Regardless, Luna’s father took no chances. Packing as much supplies as they could carry, they abandoned the farm. It wasn’t a secret in the village Luna’s farm supplied. They were proud and happy with her skill, but if people were turning on transfusionists, Luna wouldn’t be safe.

Desperate they fled to a planet thought to be deserted. An obscure planet hone only to trees. But once there they found this planet was inhabited by more than just trees. Somehow those living there had made it only look that way, to stay out of the volatile politics then ruling the magical dimension by making their world look like there was nothing of any interest. There they would find the Solteks.

After explaining their case they were welcomed by the locals to stay under their veil and wait it out. They themselves had transfusionists among them, which was where she’d meet Kelion. A boy, a year older than her and nephew of the chief. He also happened to be the star pupil among the youths training their abilities, he was also popular with the ladies. As soon as he heard of Luna’s story, he arranged it so that he would be able to train with her. They became training partners and showed a lot of promise, in more ways than just magic.

One day, a massager from a nearby city arrived in the city that took in Luna and her family. The man was disheveled and had a gnarly cut in his side. A wound that would prove fatal mere hours after the man’s arrival. It spoke of people with strange appearances came from out of nowhere and killed everyone wielding the matalmagic, or anyone opposing.

The city brought all their transfusionists to the temple, prophesy had foretold something endangering transfusionists, but the temple guardian would take in only one. The population was shocked when Luna of all was selected, guarded until a transfusionist can release her. Luna will not


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