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Shar Queen Fairy of Wind (wip)

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Shar Queen Fairy of Wind (wip)

Post by musa225 on Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:08 pm

This is a major work in progress, I would like help with anything that really doesn't make sense)
Name: Shar Queen

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Planet of origin: Pyros, moved to Andros

Magic Person type: Fairy

Current form: Basic winx forum

Morality and personal alignment leanings: (Are you on the side of good or on the evil side for one or maybe you're in the middle and don’t' care for good or evil. Are you lawful type, a neutral type person or a bit chaotic?)

Appearance: 5 feet tall, bright green eyes, long, white hair that goes to her mid back with blue and purple streaks in it and, has darker color skin.
Civilian look: Hair is tied back in a single pony tail, medium blue tank top and dark long boot cut jeans, sneakers, small round purple earrings, deep purple lipstick and, an extra hair tie on her left wrist.
Fairy Forum: Hair is in a single braid that normal comes over her right shoulder, halter top that is in the shape of an upside-down triangle that is dark blue at the top and by the bottom tip is a light blue, skirt that stops at the mid-thigh it is colored like the top is, white boots that stop about two inches above the knees. Her wings look a lot like Musa’s original wings but all four ends are more pointed.
Pajamas: Hair is up in a messy bun. An oversized green and purple striped long-sleeved shirt and black shorts.

Power type: Wind

Spells: Inner Wind is the most powerful attack, it’s a great big blast of wind knotting out those starting from 6ft around her to 150 ft radius.

Raging Air: medium strength, a gut of air that displaces the person that she angry at by flipping them upside down.

Vortex of Wind: medium strength, a group of small tornadoes that acts as a shield, it lasts for 30secs.

Heat of Air: low strength, causing the air to heat up around the attacker to distract them.

Arctic Blast: causes the air to cool down.
(Still working on adding more spells, and maybe making these ones better)

Strengths: Have yet to get that far

Weaknesses: Have not gotten that far

Personality: Shar is bold, strong-willed, is loyal to a fault to the one’s that she truly trusts, can have issues with authority, distrustful of new people-especially boys, can be hot headed, can be quick to pick a fight-but when is in a fight can think strategically.

Hobbies/likes/dislikes (optional for now): Hobbies, hip-hop dancing and sparing. Like science and potion class.  Dislikes the color pink and bullies.

History: Shar Queen grew up with her parents, Thomas and Martha, as well as her older brother, Grant.  Grant is four years older than Shar.  The Queen family was lower middle class on Pyros.  Thomas and Martha worked a lot to make ends meet.  When she was 13 her parents were assigned to a research project on a newly discovered dragon.  Cara Black’s parents were also assigned to the same project.  Cara and Shar are the same age, and spent a lot of time together on the research base since there were not a lot of kids there.  Even though Shar and Cara have very different personalities they are best friends.  Two years in to the project, there was an accident and Shar’s parents were killed.  She witnessed the incident, and she was never quite the same.  She ended up moving in with the Black’s on Andros for a year before going to Alfea.  Grant was in his final year at Red Fountain when it happened.  Shar and Grant have grown apart since their parents deaths.


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