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Allowed Magical Powers

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Allowed Magical Powers

Post by zerowing21 on Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:48 pm

Will be expanded upon later and more spell types added. Magic used can range from buffs and debuffs, healing and damage of varying degrees. Destruction of buildings and the environment are also possible. There will also examples of how the powers can be used.

Fire: This is magic that burns and causes flame damage. It can be quiet destructive. One can manipulate flames or put them out even. Those with fire can absorb fire attacks of others. These users can also user plasma like spells, but it requires a great deal of control and concentration to use. Perk: Aren't affected as badly by hot temperatures.

Ice: Ice can have numerous uses and damaging effects, from ripping open cracks in wall if used correctly, to freezing your opponent and creating walls to protect yourself and allies. Perk: Shields can take an extra hit in combat

Water: These users blast those with water and be destructive if the person has enough power. These people can also manipulated the water into any shape they wish and they are able to use underwater breathing spells easier than other magic users. Perk: More maneuverable in water

Light: Causes light damage to targets, allowing for minor manipulation of light. They can create small orbs of light to illuminate their surroundings. The major weakness to these fairies are that if they in caves and dark areas for too long, they will slowly die. They need light to survivor, even if its a minor source of it. Perk: Spells do not damage surrounding environment as badly as other types.

Morphix: Morphix is a water-esquce purple liquid that can used for form various simple objects or clones. Anything beyond the simple things are hard to pull off. They can use water like spells along their normal morphix abilities. Perk: Snares and trap spells are more effective

Technology: These fairies are able to use spells that deal with tech and use digital like abilities and lesser electrical abilities. They can use various pieces of tech in combat to help out as well to help increase chances of victory. They are a combo of Metal and Electricity.  Perk: Able to detect flaws easier in electronics (or other technology) and repair them.

Electricity: Electrical users cause damage to fry people and can have varying effects that hit people. They can manipulate minor arcs of electrical power, even controlling its vibrational frequency, but nothing beyond. These users can also user plasma like spells, but it requires a great deal of control and concentration to use. Perk: They can sense someones magic energy easier than others.

Nature: These fairies can talk with plants, make seeds grow quickly and even have the plants take their commands and help them in combat. Anything that is not rock can be used to help. They also can summon minor winds to help in battle as well. Perk: These users are slightly stronger against jinxes.

Animal: Users are able to understand animals and even use spells to make them speak for a limited time. They also use animal themed spells with their attacks with various affects. Perk: They have one animal companion that they can always understand without a spell.

Illusion: They have the ability to fool people into seeing, hearing things that aren't there and have some very minor attacks that do some damage. They can also conceal themselves and allies with invisibility spells with ease. They can also use spells when more powerful that can manipulate people into believing what they say. The best example of this is what Darcy does to Riven in season 1. Perk: Their illusioniary doubles do damage, but at a third of the originals power.

Psychic: These users can read minds, using minor telekinetic abilities, speak to others with their minds and can blast foes with mind blasts. Even the most powerful however can not use their power to get force others to do what they want, but they can use their powers to trick people into hearing sounds. Perk: Quicker reflexes

Earth: These users can move and control the earth under them using it as a weapon in combat, they can not use it as a ride however. They can cause minor shakes in the ground to knock foes off balance. Perk: Aren't as easily moved by wind magic.

Sound: These users of course use sound to fight. They can use it in many waves and sound users may even use certain vibrations to communicate with each other and not use words. They have slightly better hear and can change the amplitude of a sound wave when using one at will. Nothing larger that a fridge can be destroyed by sound waves. Perk: Deafness debuffing isn't as effective on them.

Wind: These users can create gusts of wind, attack with various forms of wind (like dense balls of it) and are able to push winds up to 70MPHs (112KPH) and are able to fly slightly faster than other magic user. They can change air pressure to spur on mini tornadoes and are able to slightly raise or lower the air temperature around them. Perk: Aren't easily knocked out of the air by spells

Darkness: The users are able to manipulate darkness and shadows to a degree and are able to easily put lights out in a room. They are experts when it comes to blinding those around them. They can even use their abilities to blend into dark areas for stealth. Perk: Better at stealth and staying hidden.

Weather: Users of this magic are able to control the wind along with other elements to create changes in the atmosphere. They can make minor changes for a short time while in combat and can not change normal weather patterns outside of it. This magic system can be broken down into several different branches, Storms, which is a combo of Wind, electricity and sounds, Water(Precipitation), which is a combination of wind, water and ice (which is optional) and last is temperate which is a mixture of light, water and wind. All spells for weather must have wind components to them. Perk: Able to fly in winds up to hurricane speed.

Swamp: User of this magic are able to use and create swamp like condition or effects in battle. Water and nature are a must for this and can be combined with either Earth, Illusion, poison or Jinx for a varying array of effects. Perk: Swamp users are immune to any kind of movement or debuffing effects while in a swampy/marshland area, but they suffer out in arid areas.

Gems: Gem users of course use gems in their attack and defense and each gem has a different kind of element or effect. They can also deal non elemental damage with gem looking attacks. These users tend to have slightly faster reaction times. Perk: They have a finer eye for detail when it comes to crafting.

Transfusion: A user with this ability can only conduct magic through metal and they have two elements associated with them. The first will always be full power, while the second only has fifty percent of the first's power. They can not use shield magic, but can knock back minor spells when a metal weapon that is charged with their magic. They can not use the magical weapons of the paladins. The can also not have metal bending like powers either. Perk: Increases convergence spells power by 10% if involved.

Curse/Jinx: These users can bring back luck to those around them. They inflict as much negative status on a foe as possible, while going for little if no damage at all or for going for damaging spells that inflict powerful debuffs. Perk: Takes 10% less damage from any source that is good aligned.

Poison/Toxin: These users of course like to use poisons of any type to get at their foes, be it gas or other spells. All toxic effects need 1 round to fully activate. A very minor effect may be added to indicate it taking effect (mild poison onset symptoms) Perk: More resistant to sources of poison, including bad food and tainted water.

Metal manipulation/control/bending: These people can control metal and shape it into anything they can think of. The bigger the piece of metal the more control it takes to control it as well. It is impossible to change anything the size of a small compact car or bigger at the beginning. Perk: Has a 25% resistance to physical damage.

Shapeshifting: The user with this power can change their appearance at will, but that's all they can do besides using basic magic and having non elemental spells for fighting. Perk: Non-elemental spells deal 10% more damage.

Hair: The user block and defend with their own hair, which seems to be as tough as steel or above. They attack as well with their hair as well as non-elemental magic. Perk: Non-elemental spells cast faster.

Love: These magic users can sense the love around them and try to help when they can. They have minor psychic abilities and can enthrall people with the right spells, leave people confused, etc. Their spells don't take up as much magic energy as others. Perk: Mind affecting abilities/buffs on allies are stronger the more the character loves the target.

Stars: A combination of fire and light, these fairies have a strong knack for healing, buffing and debuffing. They're a bit faster than most fairies with spell casting, while attacks are slightly weaker. Perk: 25% increase to healing

Justice: These magic users have strong psychic powers, mixed with light. They tend to have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and tend to fight in close range combat, using shield magic more as a weapon then a protection, but can use them for protection if needed. They can however fight at long distance if needed. Perk: 25% increase to shield strength.

Moon: A combination of Darkness and Ice, these users have access to lunar like spells that can help with invisibility and minor freezing. They also seem adept at blocking curses. Perk: Lunar spells increase in power if coupled with a light spell by 10%

Rainbow: A combination of Light and water. These users can use their magic to help increase plant growth to a certain degree and use rainbow like spells for protection and attacks. Perk: They can detect with their eyes invisible objects in a 5 foot radius (1.75 meters)

Food: These users seem to be able to whip up delicious food with ease, but its more common among pixies who own restaurants in pixie village. The food is able to restore small amounts of magic energy, thrown to cause damage and cause some status effects. Perk: They don't suffer from upset stomachs from over eaten as easily

Laser: Light in a more controlled form. These users can blast opponents magic that can take on a single their choosing and use varying affects: Perk: Beams attacks have a 25% increase in speed.

Art: Users of this magic command painting materials, such as paints, pastels and even the equipment like pens and pencils in combat. While at first they can only use the lightest of materials for combat, this is to teach them control over the material. As time goes, they can user heavier and better quality materials to expand combat potential. At higher levels they can even bring their art to life to help in combat. Perk: Status buffs last 10 seconds more than others users.

Toys: Those with this magic can bring toys to life and use them in combat. At first small toys like stuffed animals to the size of a medium sized bear, along plastic weapons up to the the size of a pencil can be animated and grown for combat. As the user becomes more proficient, the size of the item that can be animated, as well as type of material the toy is created of. They also have an innate connection with toys they've had since childhood. Perk: Has a 25% resistance to psychic/jinx

Ghost: The user is able to summon spirits of the dead, and control them to do their bidding. The spirits are easily malleable (transforming into monsters and such easily) and have the usually telekinetic abilities of a ghost. To be slightly tangible, they do have a psychic aura that projects from their illusion body, which allows them to be defeated (temporarily of course.) The ghost can also temporarily paralyze the opponent by making any of their psychic pulsing illusion molecules. This power can not be hybridized with other magics. Perk: Ghost users can become ethereal for 10 seconds three times daily, allowing them to move like ghosts for the duration and move through solid objects.

Aether: The user of this magic manifests unaspected magic. This allows the user to use a variety of different status effects and cause damage that doesn't fall under a certain type of magic. the user cannot use an element and drains the user over time.
Perk: Less suspetiable to psyhic energies and powers

Allowing of powers to be combined is allowable, as long as the combo powers can work well together and is believable to that end.

Ice and Water are a good example of a combo that works well.

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