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Hard Canon Vs Soft Canon

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Hard Canon Vs Soft Canon

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:09 am

Canon, what is it? Well most people know the answer, but here is it is. Canon is what has happened in the show and is set in stone. RPs follow canon to some degree or another. Some wish just to not follow it and just go with their own canon from the start. Some follow it so rigidly that it prevents canon characters from growing and if the show/comic/material does a poor job of doing this with the characters, the characters aren't as fun to play.

My concept here is that there are parts of canon that should never be broken and some parts that should be broken to have a fun rp.

Hard canon: This is the stuff that should never be broken and would cause massive destabilization in the core story if there is major interference by ocs or plot changes that people want to make. An oc could exist within the story and be witness or take part in the events, but their actions can not change them. They should not be able to do what another did either for the same results. They are just there for the ride and if their side is beaten, so are they.

Depending on what season we start in, Hard canon can't be altered. So say, we start in season six, Daphne's wedding can't be averted, Bloom running away from Alfea after nearly killing Flora can't be stopped, etc. This means even events in season 7 can not change drastically at all. Even if someone was to break up, such as Flora and Helia, the events which took place on the island would have to have Helia there since he is still part of the group. If any romance happens, this event is altered slightly so something more friendly occurs.

Soft Canon: Soft Canon is more or less relationships between canon characters and others, along with their personalities. Now as with a show such as Winx, there really isn't a large amount of personality change to the girls, even as adults. The show just doesn't write for that and makes the girls feel like teenagers even as 24 year olds in season 7. Plus, they've more or less lost there individualism due to Nick's stint with seasons 5 and 6. This is an aspect that can be changed with soft canon. Along with making them act like there in relationships, having them grow, evolve and making them feel like normal genuine people. This also means their relationships can fail if things don't go right. I know some people just love some of the ships, but some couples just aren't forever if things don't pan out. (Just look at how toxic Riven and Musa were from season 2 and onward til the end of season 6 when they broke up) While breaks ups might not happen at all, it leaves open that maybe ocs pairing with the Winx are possible, but only if staff allows it.

This also brings me to something else. Bloom and the sue that she is. With the soft canon I speak of, Bloom can be corrected and have flaws so she's not all powerful and needs to rely on others to get to the end of things. The character would be enjoyable to be around and she won't get everything she wants like in the past. This also means the Winx won't be all powerful at all in this rp either. This allows for those that play them to have more fun and actually feel like the winx are on equal terms with others, while still being heroes. We will however, do our best to keep the winx as close to who they are as we can while having this development. This also means if any canon character is around the ocs, this can slightly influence them as well and it will be shown.

Here is an example: As how things are in the show, the guys are less important and their relationships don't seem to have as much impact with canon. So it would be possible for example to say have Flora and Helia break up since nothing is done with that relationship as much after season 6. From that point, she could find herself dating someone else, as could Helia.

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