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Character Master List

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Character Master List

Post by zerowing21 on Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:08 pm

A list of all characters created on the site. Basic info will be supplied, as well as a link to their profiles. Each group has their own section, but here is what the sections will be following.

Name    Magic Type     Alignment    Status of Approval.


Vivian Faera   Fire/Lighting   Chaotic Good   Approved

Xanthe Diamond  Light   Neutral   Approved

Nokomis Hawthorne   Moon   Neutral Good   Approved

Zaflore Maharis   Star   Neutral   Approved

Snow Everton   Justice   Lawful Good   Approved

Vega Rosalind   Toy and Art   Neutral Good   Approved

Autumn Paltan   Ice and Light   Lawful Neutral/Chaotic Evil  approved

Shina-Von-Glaz   Technology   Chaotic Good   Approved

Photonis Nano   Laser   Neutral "Punchy" good   Approved

Sonya Heartilly   Darkness and Wind   Chaotic Good   Approved

Miave Vol Dragoon Curse/jinx Neutral Good Approval pending

Tsol Ekal Water Lawful Good Approval Pending



Shinra-Von-Glaz   Technology   Chaotic Good   Approved

Roll Everton   Transfusion   Neutral Good   Approved


Luciel Nerezza Darkness & Ice Chaotic Neutral Appproved

Non Adult Student Characters

Rose Petal   Art   Neutral   Approved


Harmony Shell   Sound   Neutral   Approved

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