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Character Adoption Empty Character Adoption

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:21 pm

This thread is for premade characters that are now up for adoption. Some characters might not meet our criteria for being ready and will not to be fixed up due to this. So if you have a character that you wish to place up please do so. These links will help you all in making the character be up to site standards and to place them in the right sections. If you wish to adopt please say so in this thread. Characters are on a first come first serve basis.









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Character Adoption Empty Re: Character Adoption

Post by zerowing21 on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:47 pm

Character will need to be reworked for the site. Planet of origin, spells and late history will need a reword.

Name: Symphony Winters
Age: 16

Gender: Female

What creature are you: Fairy

Race: Prismium

Appearance: Symphony has dark purple hair which she has in two long pigtails and she stands at only 4'7. Her eyes are a blazing red. Her clothing consists of a purple turtle neck, jean skirt and three inch heels. She normally carries a light blue parasol. Her fairy form, is a full bodied red suit with heels and her wings are blue and black.

Allegiance: Evil

Origin: Magic user

Powers: Love


Shallow Love: Symphony uses a minor healing spell to recover minor to semi minor wounds, but it leads to the target becoming mute for thirty seconds. Medium.

Rejection Beam: A beam of almost silver white love energy strikes a target, making that person want to reject anyone they care about. The impulsion lasts only twenty seconds. Medium.

Love Hammer POW!: Forming an over sized hammer from her magic, she uses this to bash her foes into pulp, tends to make people become enticed by her for a minute and they will follow simple easy commands, anything above that and the spell will break. High.

Magnified Slap: A simple magic hand slaps the foe across the face. Stuns for ten seconds. Low

Bloom of deceit : Using the power of love, a black rose blossoms on the battle field and all those who are in 10 yards who smell it will start hallucinating, seeing those around them as their foes. This effect lasts for a full minute. High

Feeling intensification: A triangle shield appears and blocks one attack before disappearing. Isn't able to block high spells. Low.

Glass Heart: This spell has the target swoon for the next person they see, but causes fatigue to set in soon after seven seconds after the target is affected. The effect only lasts 15 seconds. Medium.

Lub dub surprise: Setting up joke presents, they go off and shower people with ripped up hearts that instill sadness into the target. Lasts for a minute. Medium.

Personality: In short, Symphony is full of hate and is very spiteful. She has very little room in her heart for loving others and takes delight in crushing the love and hope of others, often to the point of being cruel about it. She is however a very loyal friend if she deems you worthy of friendship. She also has a soft spot for cute creatures and won't normally hurt them. She seems to be very compassionate to others, but only when it comes to matters outside love. This girl is also very sensitive about her height (having height angst) and will not hesitate to smack someone who makes fun of it. She is also a prankster and is very cleaver. She can also be rather ruthless when the need arises.

Strength: Is an expert is using Maul and Hammer type weapons, She is able to move through crowds covertly due to her height. Due to her cleverness, her plans are well timed and well conceived.

Weaknesses: Has a large fear of needles. Due to her love of cute things, she is easily distracted. Due to sensitive hearing, Symphony suffer more damage from sound based attacks.

History: Symphony was born on Prism on November 5th, to parents who were the leaders of a local crime family, who were trying to branch out of Lynphea at that time. Her father was away for most of the time she was little and her mother took care of her, but showed very little interest in the girl, always shopping or doing other things a rich woman would do. This would leave Symphony in the care of the body guards assigned to her, both of whom took excellent care of her and even gave her little presents, including a cute teddy bear which she adores even to the present. This also instilled in her a love of cute animals. This time alone with just the emotionally dead protectors would lead the girl to despise her parents and lose any kind of love in her heart for anyone. At the age of eight, her father was pinched by the cop on Lynphea and her mother was thrust into the mantle of power. During the next two years, Symphony would grow to learn the trade of the crime family from her mother, who ran it effectively. The girl learned to be cleaver during this time period, but also grew to fear needles due to a creepy henchman her mother employed, who would scare her from time to time with them.

At the age of nine, news of her father being killed in prison reached her, but she didn't care one iota. She continued with life, glad he was dead and felt from of one less unworthy parents. At the age of ten, the girl was stuck at a dinner with her mother and mother's new boyfriend and was bored to tears. She wasn't even trying to cast a spell at the time, but she did so anyway and it caused the man to fall for the maid that entered the room at that moment. Outraged by the kiss the date planted on the woman, her mother fired the maid and had the suitor driven off the property. Symphony would later tell her mother of her magic awaking, but of course her mother barely cared and told a butler to train her. Things did not improve for the young fairy between herself and mother, who would ignore her daughter as she gained even more power within the crime family. Due to the act she committed during the date and due to the lack of attention from her parental unit, this inspired Symphony to become a prankster and she would for the next two years play pranks on people that deserved including her mother. Once she developed a certain spell, she spent time, using small hammers to break watermelons in a basement, between her homeschooling classes.

Having enough of the behavior, Symphony's mother sent her off to a private school on Lynphea to become the very best in every subject she could, since she was being groomed for the family business. This event took place when she was but twelve years old. At the age of fourteen, Ms. Winters pulled several prank on a few people in her class and the teach almost caught her, except for a older student by the name of Melonia who took the blame. Symphony was so impressed by this act, that she became friends with Melonia and was willing to back her up on anything, including framing someone. By the time she was sixteen she was ready to usurp her mother's power, but disaster struck when Prism was frozen over and everyone on the planet was lost. Symphony felt rather mixed on what happened, but it would allow her to attend Alfea like she wanted since she was fourteen years of age, but also use the money that she knew about from the family as she saw fit. She had heard the Princess of Prism was there at that school and maybe if she wasn't frozen, Symphony could get the answers to what took place. Maybe she'd even thank her for getting her mother out of the way.

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